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  1. wow, this is my first time on the forums in months.... been off RS for a long time as well... crazy to see so many people maxed out now.
  2. I find myself only liking your WC skill. All others easily achievable both f2p and p2p. 7/10 Get a 99
  3. YOu kept 2M making it much easier for you to attain such wealth. Each time i've quit RS i've completely emptied bank and given all wealth away (due to Jagex not letting you just hand things out I had a balloon fest last time). 8/10 for your wealth in a week 0/10 for keeping money to come back with Im currently retired from RS (again) but this time for good. 2 jobs and World Of Warcraft ftw ;)
  4. only 70? Post when you hit 85. No I dont have 85, when I quit RS I was at 82. 6/10
  5. P.S. Gratz on 99 fishing, I got bored at 86 fishing a long time ago when I still played RS.
  6. he keeps saying he's going to cook to 99 than sell rest to raise summoning... Summoning isn't buyable... you have to obtain the charms... and 2nd... using the items you gain through working to obtain ample charms will pay for the summoning itself + you can sell/alch the pouches most of the time for some sort of return... meh... maybe a pointless reply. Whatev.
  7. his summon lvl is 22 (you can see it next to his map duh) Your 100 cb p2p which means nothing sorry But for 80 hp I rate.... nothing.... not hard to achieve doing slayer or even regular combat.... i'll give a 5/10 for the effort to take the pic and post it kthxbai
  8. Am i the only one who noticed he skipped two tabs of his bank?
  9. why so serious? *licks lips* AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA 10/10
  10. cool vid, should have taken drag baby out and shown everyone. 10/10
  11. Thanks everyone for replies : yah, though my bank isn't great its all I ever need during slayer lol. The person a few posts back said sell my tassetts.... is there a reason for this?
  12. (I had to get the lvl in f2p because tons of the people in the clan im in are f2p, lol :P) Missing from bank/character equipped: Slayer helm Fighter Torso Bandos Tassetts Dragon Boots Dragon Gloves Ring Of Wealth Amulet of Fury Abyssal Whip 1x Rune Defender Dragon Dagger P+++ Ectophial Slayer Gem 200x Tireless Run scrolls All of this is slayer funded/slayer everything lol.... :) started back with nothing when returning to RS and picked up slayer (was 55 at the time)... woot!!! Str next.
  13. thanks everyone for your posts :D been ages since I ever posted anything in the rating forums 81 slay added :D
  14. well someday this week i'll post me getting 99 attk to see how much flaming i'll get as well :)
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