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  1. So i guess a long time ago i got rid of all my greegrees and now i have none. i have been trying to get another one but the guide on tip it's main page is not very helpful. how do i get a blank talisman without having an amulet of monkeyspeak or a greegree?
  2. dont post too often but i figured this was worth a post this has been the 99 i have always wanted since i first started playing back in RSC when smithers could actually make money. oh well still glad i could finally get it
  3. i remember that was the last quest and without a doubt hardest quest i did before rs2 came. The only quest I didnt complete in RSC was Legends quest. That berblore level was just too high for me!
  4. I was probabaly disconnected for a minute max or whatever it takes for a wireless router to regain internet connection. For whatever reason my power went out for about 10 seconds but due to the power loss my router was obviously turned off and had to reconnect to the internet. Once I had finally reconnected and logged back in I was in that upper level area where you go when you deliberately leave a dungeon. So when I log back in I should automatically just be logged into my dungeon? Because I know I was not d/c'ed for more then a minute and I still did not log into my dungeon automatically. And when I tried to log back in I did not leave the world I simply sat at the login screen of the same world I was in until the browser let me log back in.
  5. So I was doing a solo dungeon in dungeoneering and was disconnected due to a brief power outage. On the main tip it website it says that the dungeon is saved for approximately 10 mins. However, after I logged back on I never saw any options for me to restart the dungeon I was working on. What am I supposed to do to be able to rejoin my solo dungeon? Simply starting up my own party again doesnt seem to do it. Any help for future d/c's by my incredibly great internet?
  6. just took these on my account. dont have any of the actual drop just in game pictures of the items. bunny ears and scythe:
  7. i did addy bolts with sc hammers so it took a while. not including the time it took to get the hammers i can do like 125k xp an hour
  8. cost me about 14mil from 75 which was what i began from most recently. probably gonna stop for now and just mess around for 3 weeks until i quit for school until next summer. most likely i will just fish and raise money/xp until i quit rate/hate
  9. one of my all time goals has been to get 99 smithing, something i doubt i will ever achieve but heres a nice start to it rate it or hate it. your choice
  10. I have never tried these before but I am playing SC and buying hammers now. How many bars will the hammer last for at 78 smithing using addy bars more or less? Anyone know?
  11. right now iv got about 3.2k addy bars and plan on buying some more to get smithing higher i dunno how high il get tho
  12. finally made it to 1600 total i dunno if il ever make it to 1700 considering how much i play haha :thumbdown: rate/hate
  13. alright thanks i appreciate it
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