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  1. I am thinking of returning to Runescape, its made some big changes since I was last on it about 6/7 years ago. Graphics have gotten alot better and the game play looks a lot better to. But im a father, im 31. Although it shouldnt, I cant help but think im playing a kids game. But I dont want to feel like that, so if like there are people at my age group or older, id feel alot better to wanting to come back to this game. Just wondering how old are you guys that play this?
  2. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  3. Hello. I like you am also returning. I played back when you did for years and I stopped (cos of life). But am back and had to make a new account because my old one I had wasnt active anymore. But i have leveled up so much easier now then I did back then. Im using F2P until ive maxed out all the F2P skills and then Ill move onto P2P.
  4. I wanna train my def and I was wondering what monster that I could train it on, aswell as earn alot of money.
  5. Ive just bought some ranarr seeds so I can go plant at all herb patches. Now would I make money just selling the ranarr's or would I make money making them into prayer pots (3) or (4)
  6. Is there anything I can get that would make me maybe double or add somet onto the cooking exp everytime i cook a lobster. Its soooo slow lol.
  7. Can anyone tell me the drop rate for whips? Im aiming for 85 slayer, and been told you get a whip once every 6hrs. Is this true?
  8. Im not sure on which one to use. Its either Normal small screen and mega full HD graphics, or full screen/resizable and like half of the HD. Gotta lower the graphics down quite alot. I do like both, HD cos of the graphics, but full screen because I can see alot more.
  9. Your account has not logged out from last time, please try again in few mins. Which makes me think someone is on my account. Cud I change my username or password or anything and it would take them off?
  10. Ca anyone tell me if Willows or Teaks are fastest way to rank up WC, or is Ivy the new way?
  11. to be quite honest, am not gonna take orders from you and saying not to compare tif to zybez, lol.. ill do wat i please. ill say wat i want until i get banned. you aint elite, your nothing but another runescape player.
  12. Thank you. Least someone has some manners. Apart from the stuck up there own arses people round here because they think there better then anyone else. An achivement for someone getting 98 is in itself good, ive just been on a topic now, were someone posted there stats and there cmb 63. There stats are alot lower then mine and they got 10/10 Whats all that about! I even posted this on Zybez forums, and they were all like "well done, good luck on 99" "10/10 well done" .. like that from 7 people.
  13. Can anyone tell me if Ape Atoll monkeys or Armoured Zombies are faster exp, for me to get from 97 to 99 on attack.
  14. I have a slayer task of being in the fight caves from Kuradal. Now cos its aslayer task, if I die, would I lose my stuff?
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