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  1. 1, crafting is for noobs :D. 2, I'm back. 3, Add me back. 4, Post on my blog. Woo.
  2. Hm, okay true I did say that. Post whatever you like haha. Just nothing negative as I will just ignore it :P. And so help me, those of you old blogscapers that I was friends with that are reading this now and are not posting I will find you and eat you if you do not post :twisted: .
  3. \ Welcome! \ Hello and thanks for clicking on my little blog. I am starting to play Runescape again, as I have always enjoyed it, but this school year I quit because I needed time for my education, but now that I will have more free time, apart from work and partys, I will be coming back to play :). To get things started off, a little about me in real life, I'm 17, and this coming year will be a Senior in High School. I'm a pretty relaxed guy and easy to get along with. Now for a little bit about my Runescape char., Skatebdr515. I have always used this account, and it has always been my main. I am more combat based than anything as you will see, but I hope to round off my skills some this summer. Right now I am not sure of any long term goals but I am going to start on some that are not so hard to achieve. Goals: And here are my current stats: Most recent level: - Coming Soon I'm going to keep this blog very organized and small and update as often as I can. Please if you are reading this right now, just post a word of encouragment. Oh and I always have my private chat on, so just send me a 'Hyt!'.
  4. He posted to make people rate his level, not for advice about where to collect charms. Who are you to judge if he should get charms or not? What if he's got enough for 99 summoning and don't need anymore? Now post after me and rate his 80 attack, or edit your own post. Grats on 80 attack, it's a nice even number :). 6/10. Someone has something stuck up thier back door... OT: My first 80 in combat was str.. Felt sooo good. Gratz on the lvl! 6/10.
  5. Srsly people need to lay off the poor bunnys :(. OT: Gratz, 8/10.
  6. This is not close to my highest, but it is pretty funny. I actually hit 35 - 37 little later on a 132 for the ko.. and a 39 - 32 earlier today but missed both shots. I'll try to get more :).
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