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    so i herd u liek mudkipz pool's closed i divided by zero 4tlulz 4chan 1231231231231331 ^I GUT DOSE MESAGIZ SO FAR ON FAESBUK!!!!!!!!!! People stalk me all the time. I'm good looking, I play like 23487 sports, every knows me and loves me, I've had lots of ex's, I'm great in bed and the best reason of all: I ROCK AT RUENSCAEP!#W!
  2. Pretty gay. School sucks; sure friends are there but come on.. idiot teachers, idiot students, new vice principal that's a total [bleep]. Lets compare last year to this one.. LAST: -Could leave the school -Could leave the class to go to the washroom/locker by just asking the teacher -WAY better VP and teachers -no cameras watching us (even in the showers, yeah, seriously. Creepy eh?) -less niners THIS YEAR: -Can't leave the school at all or you get a 2 week suspension -need a school agenda to leave the class at all (they're $40 and you have to buy them from the school) -new vp and dumb teachers -cameras everywhere, there's 32 of them and my school only has 400 people -NOT ENOUGH ROOM OR DESKS FOR EVERYONE (too many niners, there's 400 people in all and around 230 niners) >.>
  3. I just want someone to talk to 1-on-1, so that won't really help.
  4. Hi, I'm 15 and I need someone to talk to (Preferably a girl/woman) about relationship stuff, sexual stuff, and a bunch of other things. I know I can just talk to a family member or friend or something but I just feel that talking to a random person would be better, I don't know why, but it just would for me. If you really want to help me with some stuff or just talk, add me on Msn, my email address is [email protected] If you don't want to help me and just want to flame me please just don't post.
  5. You don't have to go on the PVP worlds, if you dislike the idea simply stay away from it.
  6. They said that they would only be usable on PVP worlds. I'm guessing there will be P2P items and seperate F2P ones.
  7. Thanks, I'm going for my second fire cape attempt right now.
  8. Ahh [cabbage]! Just tried fight caves, got on wave 55 with plenty of supplies then i misclicked and clicked walk here instead of attack.. Damnit.. my first attempt too.. Bleh, I'm pissed.
  9. Woah, awesome for such a low range level. Maybe I could go for it.. o.o
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