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  1. somebody has no sense of direction :D Back around 1AD most jews were located in Israel which is in the middle east where Arabs live.
  2. I see you like intelligence more than the average Australian surfer 6-pack kinda dude.
  3. saif

    Are you ticklish?

    did it feel good?
  4. oh crap I guess this means he's still hiding in the batcave :pray:
  5. Shoes aren't tough if you constantly buy the ones from footlocker that everybody has :wall:
  6. Probably? He's one or the other, 100%. :P I'm going to say he's hiding. Always gotta stay on the safe side. how the hell is it safe to have a guy that blew up the twin towers hiding?
  7. saif

    Are you ticklish?

    thanks for bump. OT: r u ticklish or not?
  8. saif

    Are you ticklish?

    I haven't been on TIF much, but after you said that I just realized like a 3rd of all the threads on the first page are saif's. Holy hell dude. It is not necessarily bad to make a lot of threads, but its a bit weird. got nothing better to do while bursting rock lobs
  9. saif

    Are you ticklish?

    np, np just tell us if you're ticklish now :thumbsup:
  10. That, and there's a lot more to fertilizing an egg that makes parthenogenesis impossible. Just another example is the fact that the entry point of the sperm cell into the egg cell determines in what "direction" the organism will develop. And much more about embryogenesis is still elusive. Most of the sperm isn't a full sperm anyways.
  11. saif

    Are you ticklish?

    oh gj, gj. much better than a match of boxing I'd say.
  12. saif

    Are you ticklish?

    well men could possibly do it to see who is manlier. Whoever gets subdued by laughter first with laughter will be dubt "the kid"
  13. saif

    Are you ticklish?

    Well recently I have come across a new phenomena. The ticklefight. The ultimate test of manilness. Personally I am not too ticklish, though I am ticklish in some areas. But there are some trends I noticed among the "tickling" as I would call it. - Men are less ticklish than women - Ticklish-ness goes away after puberty (for men) - Women may remain ticklish throughout their lives. My question for you is: Are you ticklish, and if so where? I am ticklish at the bottoms of my feet, around my armpits, and when I get tickled too much my lymph nodes start to hurt :wall:
  14. are you implying sex? Clearly tickle fights. ugg why do people play tickle fights. it's so hard to win :(
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