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  1. i cant believe not a single person has said american beauty or the usual suspects
  2. this one takes the cake for sure. i GUARANTEE you will like it if you already havent heard it.
  3. haha i wouldnt really call brand new underrated or unknown, just not main stream. they just set up a small east coast tour and each of the venues sold out in less than a minute.
  4. look_its_rob


    Hardcore doesn't necessarily have to be screaming gus. and who ever said gallows, they put on an amazing show. pumped to see them at warped this year.
  5. look_its_rob


    if you people think hardcore is techno, you are listening to the wrong stuff.
  6. look_its_rob


    I'm a fan of the new hardcore wave. though ill probably be done with it by the end of the year. the two current bands im listening to are a day to remember and four year strong. Four year strong- heroes get remembered legends never die: A day to remember- the downfall of us all (listen past the first 20 seconds before you x out) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kd-lbg1QQ-Y edit: set your goals- goonies never say die http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCoMSL0hwXE ([cabbage]ty sound quality)
  7. i managed to score tickets to brand new in cambridge MA. they sold out in under a min, thank god for super fast internet connections.
  8. look_its_rob


    a couple new post hardcore bands that seem really promissing to me are Four year strong and Set your goals. FYS has some pretty hardcore guitar thrown in with some pop-like vocals. theyre a good listen. its a pretty sick video too, thats what i call crowd interaction.
  9. I'm amazingly pumped for brand news album coming out this summer. trying to get tickets to a small club show their doing in MA. also looking forward to the ataris, four year strong, and set your goals.
  10. flogging molly, the ataris, bayside, silverstein, streetlight manifesto, scary kids scaring kids, big d and the kids table, NOFX, less than jake, bad religion, attack attack, a day to remember, gallows, you me at six. thats more than a days worth of awesome bands, who cares if theres [cabbage]ty ones there too, you get to miss them. thats the beauty of warpedtour, no [cabbage]ty opening bands.
  11. Im gonna be on T.V on april 4th! a girl in my school is on Made and i should be in a few shots lol.
  12. regular dunks- eh no not really nike dunk sbs- same price, much more comfortable.
  13. heyyy my old thread lol somewhat updated collection, missing a few newer pairs and such i also just recently got a pair of these 2004 releases: http://image22.webshots.com/22/4/15/39/ ... ptG_ph.jpg (not my exact pair, just a google search)
  14. oh man, i thought that was an amazing episode, one of the best. and the scene with john and ben was just incredible. Do you think ben decided to kill john because he knew about hawkings? or because he was trying to get a name out of him, and once he did, john was no longer needed
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