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  1. Maleficus1055


    Haven't been on here for like a year, literally remembered about these forums this morning. How are they doing, many people still around? I think I was last here when this was around 1300 pages.
  2. come back and say hi yo

  3. Maleficus1055


    Charcoal cooking is amazing. I especially like charcoal cooked desserts. Taste the meat, not the heat! EDIT: I give up. blocked image is supposed to be King of the Hill related, but I can't for the life of me find an "approved" host. [bleep] da police Aren't most of the "rage faces" that aren't just vectors of celebrities stolen from 4chan in the first place?
  4. Maleficus1055


    This summer has been hell on me recently. I'm finally learning to drive and have my test for license on the 16th of August. Having my dad teach me is hell because he's extremely critical and a bad teacher, I've broken down a few times already. That's stressing me out, combined with the fact that as I'm trying to get school stuff sorted out, my mother got denied for a parent plus loan so now I have to try and get other loans. About $9000 in other loans. Have to do it by August 15th so we're getting that sorted out, just too much shit going on. I just really want these next 4 weeks done so I can be back up in San Francisco going to school.
  5. Sigur Ros is my favorite, to the point where I'm collecting everything I can by the band. Some of their records or special edition sets can get pretty pricey, but it's a fun hobby to have. At a close second is Tom Waits, I love everything the man has put out. If you haven't heard him yet, I guarantee he has something for you. His early work when he was on the Asylum label was some really mellow piano-driven blues ballads, sort of like if Sinatra drank and smoked 10 times as much. His later stuff is gravelly-voiced mayhem, really cool experimental rock.
  6. Maleficus1055


    Just realized I haven't been to TIF in about a week. For some reason after the new theme I just stopped coming. Feels weird, I'll have to be sure to come and post more.
  7. Maleficus1055


    Not a fan of this new theme, but I hate change.
  8. Maleficus1055


    jagerbombs are [bleep]ing awesome happy 4th of july tif!
  9. Maleficus1055


    I'll pass, I hate Seth Mcfarlane.
  10. Maleficus1055


    Isn't this basically.....this? http://forum.tip.it/topic/248110-food/
  11. Something just seems......off in every picture of you in glasses. I think it's just the open-mouth stare thing throwing me off though,
  12. optometrist is the word. Not sure how contacts work really like if you need 2 in, but they can do glasses with a prescription in 1 lens.
  13. [hide]Overall, I really liked the ending as a whole, but honestly it felt like the end of the series as a whole, and I don't see how they can continue it now, even though they're renewed for another season.Korra and Mako…..no. [bleep] that. Too much emphasis on love and stuff in the series. I feel like they didn't actually take time to develop relationships between characters like they did in TLA. It's just like WHAM BAM I LOVE YOU, whereas I really liked Aang and Katara cause you could see their relationship develop. I really liked the whole Tarrlock thing, except again, too fast. They find out about it and take Amon down in the same episode. I mean, I'm satisfied with how the plot went, but it shouldn't have been so fast, unless they have some good plans for a second season.[/hide]
  14. Seriously debating dropping 180 for these when they come out, just so I can look super American on July 4th. These, red shorts, and a button-down with stars all over it. Plus I like them so I'd wear them a lot afterwards, and don't have any shoes of the style.
  15. Heard the new Ihsahn album and it's my favorite of the year so far. Other "Top" albums: Jesu - s/t (2012 Remaster) Krzysztof Penderecki & Jonny Greenwood Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima Lambchop - Mr. M Sigur Ros - Valtari Spiritualized - Sweet Heart Sweet Light
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