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  1. Nice findings! Ive had a few runs at KK with my clan. Hes a tough little... err big guy haha. We found out, the more people you have, the more mage balls he throws. We did a 20 man mass for fun, he koed like 14 of us in his mage phase haha.
  2. Another good day of questing! :) I hope to have curses VERY soon!
  3. Thanks man! Im a deputy owner of a newly formed PVM team, got about 13 members now. I really need to get them curses haha.
  4. Thanks man! Sounds good! I just logged off haha :\ I might be back on tonight, if not Ill be on tomorrow bro.
  5. I use tip.it and draynor for my sigs
  6. I need a large number of quests and what not for my curses, I have 86 pray and normal prays... Kinda sad huh? haha I already have overloads, so when I get curses Ill be a PVM Monster haha. Ill keep a log of what I do. I work alot, im a firefighter/emt so there might be days where I dont get anything done at all. But here goes nothing!!! :) Quests Defender of varrock Troll Romance Shades of Mort'ton The tale of the muspah Missing my mummy What lies below Garden of Tranquility Creature of Fenkenstrain The Curse or Arrav The Temple at Senntisten Skills 66 theif Misc. 125 Kudos at v museum fully restored senliten from missing my mummy Log Of Events 7/29 Gained 55-57 Thief 7/31 What lies below Shades of Mort'ton 8/1 Creature of Fenkenstrain Missing my mummy Garden of Tranquility
  7. Hey man, Ide go with the main, I have a skiller with 99 rc con smith fletch, and Ide rather have the xp on my main haha :| Runecrafting is my favorite skill, have 99 on both accounts.Im happy to boss with you if you want, my pm is always on.
  8. Hey man My clan is not a dung clan but we do dung, Im 73 myself but im more then happy to help you out in game with dungeons!
  9. How so fast? Im 73 dung but I do my abd2 and occs with members in my clan who are 100-118 dung and we can only get 10 min larges, is f2p alot faster then p2p?
  10. Ive done 9 Maples 6 coal since day 1 of doing the quests
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