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  1. Where have I been!? Good on you MRTF! I'm so late on seeing this..Sadly it stopped at January. ;-;
  2. Very pleased with this thread haha, so random yet fun, voted :D
  3. Awesome, I just did that now, thanks for the help! Yes, I'll be using it for slayer!
  4. You lost me after barbarians...lol. I would stick to Blue Dragons, make it worth it by buying notepaper and stacking up on the hides and bones :P
  5. Hi, so I just realized I had a Spring Cleaner in my bank, people say it's good but I don't know how to use it or what's the best way to use it. So if anyone can help me it would be appreciated, thanks! ~Robinne
  6. Welcome! Although it may not be an achievement, I achieved the Elven town with 1 def :D So I'm sure you can do it! Much luck!
  7. Hehe unrelated but I just did hellhounds for my 120 attack cape. I ended up with 136k gold charms. o.o So I guess if you want melee stats to 120 and gold charms, then yea...hellhounds xD Of course now, you can turn them into greens and crims with divination
  8. Would be fun to watch...you fail! Hehehe. Aside from that, go for it, why not? :c
  9. According to your numbers, your account was created on Wednesday, 9 November 2005 give or take couple days.Both Bunny Ears and Scythe were released two years earlier, in 2003, with no chance to obtain them later on. I also never heard of any complete account wipes happening after the release of rs2. There is only one explanation to this: You have the wrong account! You are right on the wrong account, haha. My friend actually logged into it after so long and asked if I wanted it, I said sure and yea. Aside from bunny ears and scythe, what about the other holiday items? Unless of course she didn't bother to get the others then that explains it. Thanks for helping though!
  10. Bunny ears and Scythe come from Varroc clothes shop. I have a strange feeling that you tried to get them on 07scape though, in that case, you do not have them unless you redo the holiday events during holidays. nope, regular scape haha :P around 8-9 years old and ok thanks, ill try the varrock shop.. Whoops let me edit that, my account got completely wiped, so stats resetted, original name gone, all that good stuff...checked with Hans and I'm 254 days from 10 year veteran cape if that helps. So yea, no chance on my old holiday items huh?
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