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  1. consider Making Supercompost and Compost to begin with, I found this quickly got first 20 or so farm levels with not much effort at all (I only did it whenever I was in the relevant area) Buy 40 Pineapples a day at arhein in catherby and make a load whenever you pass by catherby Good Luck!
  2. tried shooting stars? if you like em, and get a few tags is good mining xp.
  3. and the gem (hidden away in the patch notes) Magic secatuers and Watering can can now be placed on the toolbelt! Highlight of all the tweaks/updates imho
  4. Does anyone know if cracking the wall safes below the inn in Taverley has a chance at theiving rock?
  5. one other thing to consider is in Prffiddinas Mining harmed runite ore when the voice of seren is in trahearn. I'm assuming as you are only recently returned you might not be there yet. With the right gear, and Friends chat, for not much attention its an easy 1.5-2m in an hour. and...slay is always ok for cash too! Welcome back btw :-)
  6. they changed the way the lumberjack is issued some time ago. now, when you get the drop from one of those pesky zombies, you'll automatically get a piece you don't have.......I think then after that it becomes random. I recently did a lot of temple trekking, not sure whether I had a bad run or not, But had all NPC's except one up to 99 before I'd gotten the full lumberjack.
  7. Welcome Kalapeno! Another non old skoole player here, but the chat's always on :-)
  8. Arceus, thankyou did the runthough you suggested, and worked a treat! Juhaa, I can also confirm that once you do it, that annoying pop up does disappear, so when you get 35 dungeoneering, I recommend it. Thanx all
  9. Its part of the daemonheim medium task set, For "normal" accounts they have to finish first in a sinkhole. We ironpeople get this one instead Arceus' explanation looks pretty spot on, I'll give it a go sometime in the next few days
  10. Anyone done this one, and is there a recommended path/order to go in? All help appreciated cheers Flip
  11. One of the quests most people resort to using a guide, even if they don't on most, Of course you can always give it a go without a guide and resort to one if/when you feel necessary. And yes, I'd work on half inventory for food, good luck!
  12. I don't expect it to be easy. But I expect to get it eventually. Which never happened. I'm sure I have done at least 1,000 by now, and still haven't gotten it. part of the problem is.....Let's assume it's a one in 10K chance, Even if you've done over 1,000 clues, the next clue you do....your chances are one in 10K (or whatever the odds are), Rare as hens teeth, and we are all hopeful of third age.....but it's never worth betting on imho
  13. Being a hardcore ironman here, i wasn't game to do wildy green dragons. Did the ones in the chaos tunnels, it was fairly difficult at first, only about 5-10 kills per trip due to low levels then, but there were no bots and thankfully didnt get them as a task too often.
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