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  1. I'm looking for a clan that has a multitude of different things. I'm going to list them below, and I'll post a screenshot of my current stats (If that actually matters, IMO it really shouldnt for what I'm looking for.) I'm looking for a clan that hosts events, and has helpful / polite members. It mustn't be just PVM. I enjoy skilling too.
  2. Hello Tip.It I'm new to the forum, but I've used this site for quite a few years. It was one of my go to sites, until the wiki became so popular. But that shouldn't stop me from visiting so I decided to join the community. I play 07RS. My IGN is Kalamari. I also play League of Legends on the NA servers. I'm Bronze V (meh, could care less). My summoner's name is Kalapeno. Back before EOC was launched I had an account with maxed stats. It is no longer with us, and had been perma-banned to help me concentrate of school work. (It had to be done, I spent way to much time playing RuneScape, I could've just been bank standing and talking to people but I was still wasting time.) But thats done now so I'm back. Yes I regret getting it banned. No it will not stop me from loving the game. My first goal for 07 is to get a quest cape. then I will be going for 99 Agility immediately after.
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