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  1. Shin

    Are you a DJ?

    I want to get out of Traktor...
  2. Shin

    Hip Hop & Rap

    wake the [bleep] up you [bleep] how about you shut the [bleep] up mom By the way guys, Raekwon's Shaolin vs Wutang isn't that bad. Its not Cuban Linx, but its worth a shot.
  3. Shin

    Electronic Music

    Does anyone know anything about Traktor? I've been trying to find out how to wipe my saved track information...
  4. Shin

    Minecraft General

    Do we have a server?
  5. Lol wayfayers* pretty baller, in a [cool] hipster way. I'd rock them too. Fixed. :wink: ~Stevepole
  6. Shin


    Nah for my computer
  7. Definitely invest in a sportcoat. They're cheaper and much more practical. Don't be a douche and wear a blazer out casually lol.
  8. Enjoy your terrible quality blazer. How often do you wear a blazer. Every day of the week dude, its part of my internship. Also lol, 300 for a blazer is cheap.
  9. Shin

    Hip Hop & Rap

    They had on youtube for a bit. I just tried to soak them up but now I can't find any. Of course oh look, a site offering a free download, and if you download you get a chance to win a free car?? Lemme go do that one. In response to your earlier post, in case you missed it. http://forum.tip.it/topic/264052-hip-hop-rap/page__view__findpost__p__4325911
  10. Enjoy your terrible quality blazer.
  11. Shin


    I've been looking for some nice speakers for FLAC, not too expensive, light and portable. I'm looking 10+watts and above 22,000hz. halp?
  12. I'm going to redo the peacock feathers. Comments?
  13. Shin

    Hip Hop & Rap

    That's awesome, good to hear more people are into it man. I swear to god, like 3 years ago, no one had heard of anything Japanese hiphop related. I don't know man, I believe the philanthropy is refreshing to see. Especially how hiphop has turned towards a direction where the original intent is almost null. Hiphop is being slaughtered by most artists, especially the newer style being mass produced out of large record companies. There is no originality, and the artists who become big and famous has lost a part of their unique style conforming to the radio. Now don't get me wrong, there are still artists out there who preserve the dignity hiphop deserves, but the mass over shadow them with club geared music. There is nothing normal about someone who promotes /having/ an education and public good in a degenerated art form. I think its wonderful that artists like Nas or Outkast believe education and success is definitely related. Just listen to Souls of Mischief - 93' Till Infinity, you'll get my point.
  14. Haha i'm glad you agree. What fashion blogs/forums/magazines you frequent? I'm somewhat a fan of Superfuture, lookbook(lol.), and GQ. Eh no, trendiness is never really my thing, just like to do what looks good and follows a aesthetic code. Everytime I hear APC's mentioned I cringe a bit. I believe they're quite overpriced considering the construction. I'm not a huge fan of the tapers on the jeans. However the washes are acceptable to a certain extent in my book. Nice entry level jeans though- I'd rather go for Nudies considering they're about the same price. About the jeans + sport coats- :puke
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