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  1. Why are sc tools lame? ;o You get twice the xp.. so construct costs half the amount it should cost, and you're playing a nice minigame for it. great.. isn't it :o
  2. Gratzzz leik<333 10/10 without a doubt. You worked hard for this :)
  3. Ohai update :mrgreen: Congrats on all achievements, your so pro :mellow: 90 Smithing, 88 Summoning, 2100 total, 10th 99(strength) <-- Damn :shock: <3: Ily
  4. Damn nice stats for sure :blink: <3: Gz on 88 Summoning, 99 Strength AND 88 Smithing :D 10/10, Ily, Pat <3:
  5. @Dadi, I are not nolyfe rs anymore :P So this will take a while. @ickdeep, thanks :D
  6. Thanks guys :) Oké, I just bumped this again, and I got a new, bank-wasting goal. :) The goal is: 99 Prayer. :shock: This will cost me 140 to 145M. My bank is like 141M, and right now I'm unable to bank 99 prayer. So I need some moneymaking meanwhile. New goal that might gets my interest back in RuneScape, We'll see. :) Right now I've banked 97 Prayer btw. :D ~Pat
  7. You shouldn't do this man, this makes you slowly turn into a douche :\ Srsly you're a pro, just don't make spamtopics :(
  8. I got told to get 99 hp. So this is the first whip drop. 200k left for 99 hp ;)
  9. Gratz again on 99 Herby You should try agil & thiev now :oops: Naa do what you like to do GL with barrows & 2 hot helms you got there :thumbup: Ily
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