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  1. Dat TH luck. Jagex, give me some sunglasses already!
  2. :D So this happened today. A day to remember, indeed. Inefficiently, 13 years in the making, my proudest achievement yet! Technically I still have 10 dungeoneering levels to do... I will do them eventually. |^_^|
  3. Clue marathon over. 250 easy clues over the span of a week. The loot I gained from pickpocketing HAM followers and the clue rewards: Got some gp for most of this... ...and a title. Pretty happy about this.
  4. Had some TH keys stored up... Didn't expect this. The mother of all prizes! Words cannot explain how happy I am!!! :D :D :D
  5. Today I had the fortunate luck of receiving two Pharaoh's sceptres, four minutes from one another. First one from Room 4. [15:23:30] Followed by a second one from Room 1. [15:27:40] Never had any Scepters from PP before today.
  6. Female versions of the two Ravenskull: and Deathless Regent:
  7. The two new Solomon's outfits that were released with today's update. Ravenskull: Deathless Regent:
  8. All 90+!!! ... at least until the new skill arrives. :lol:
  9. This is pretty much bull, but I'll take them. From a spin ticket off an Iron Dragon. Not even mad.
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