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  1. Dat TH luck. Jagex, give me some sunglasses already!
  2. :D So this happened today. A day to remember, indeed. Inefficiently, 13 years in the making, my proudest achievement yet! Technically I still have 10 dungeoneering levels to do... I will do them eventually. |^_^|
  3. Clue marathon over. 250 easy clues over the span of a week. The loot I gained from pickpocketing HAM followers and the clue rewards: Got some gp for most of this... ...and a title. Pretty happy about this.
  4. Had some TH keys stored up... Didn't expect this. The mother of all prizes! Words cannot explain how happy I am!!! :D :D :D
  5. Today I had the fortunate luck of receiving two Pharaoh's sceptres, four minutes from one another. First one from Room 4. [15:23:30] Followed by a second one from Room 1. [15:27:40] Never had any Scepters from PP before today.
  6. Female versions of the two Ravenskull: and Deathless Regent:
  7. The two new Solomon's outfits that were released with today's update. Ravenskull: Deathless Regent:
  8. All 90+!!! ... at least until the new skill arrives. :lol:
  9. This is pretty much bull, but I'll take them. From a spin ticket off an Iron Dragon. Not even mad.
  10. Raise all your stats to at least 70. This should keep you occupied for awhile. After that, maybe pick a favourite skill and level that to 99? :^_^:
  11. Dr Frankenstein would be proud.
  12. I would have taken the horns instead of 1M. Have only seen these on two people, since they were released. These things are just stupidly rare.
  13. The one source for all my digital entertainment needs. Only watch daily news on the TV.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf0KVtmsdl4 The whole album is pure eargasm.
  15. Head: Apmeken mask Neck: Prized pendant of Firemaking Body: Monarch top from Solomon's Gen Store Legs: Fox legs from Solomon Boots: Desert boots Cape: Armadyl cloak Weapon: Was Shield: Diamond sceptre Aura: Infernal gaze (deactivated because Jagex screwed up the position of the glow) Mask and weapon can be found after the Diamond in the Rough quest inside secret tombs in the desert.
  16. Funding came primarily from an elysian sigil drop. Made into a shield and sold. I used mostly infernal ashes and dragon bones on house altar. 25k ectotokens worth of infernals before that.
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