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  1. Yup, after a "little" break I'm back on track. :D .................. Still 673k to WC95 though.
  2. Sorry, not going to level attack or strength. RC would be nice, a bit hard though. Going to train it later, WC is prio 1 at the moment. Yea, I like my Atk and Str as they are. When I train melee I train Defence, nothing else. :P
  3. So OK. Got Mining85 now. Next goal is WC95. Over 810k to go. :) Will post updates later.
  4. Roald

    Hi Jenny. :D

  5. Yeni

    oh noes roes.

  6. Tack, kul och vara tillbaka på TIF. ^^ Thanks, fun to be back on TIF. ^^ Also, a 145k-to-mining-85-bump. :D
  7. Wow, seriöst? Ööö... Virksessåga på? Gratis bump (= törn, stöt, duns, bula, knöl, luftgrop, gupp, jucka) med lite spam (= spam)! :) Haha, virkessåga... Google is the [cabbage].
  8. Welcome to Blogscape. :) GL with Cooking99 and WC90. :thumbup:
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