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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Haaaappy birthday Ev! Come back soon bro :(((( x

  3. Happy birthday! :D

  4. You didn't say hi on rs. :(

  5. Yay schoolwork! I quit forever and ever now. So um.. I'm going to go cry now. Not sure how to express the terrible nostalgia and sadness I feel as I remember our long hours together in be-.. runescape. They were great <3: I'll stop by here occasionally to make sure you aren't failing out of school and I promise to fill an entire page with spam if I decide to go to U of I.
  6. Some ground cover is glitched; I've had that happen when actually flying too low; all of a sudden I hit a signpost and just stopped. All of the people I know who are seriously good at jets have a joystick (I play on the pc). Plus slowing down into turns cuts your turn radius in like half.
  7. wut pink is back? I just got back after probably 6 months. I miss you <3:
  8. If life gives you Georgelemmons....

  9. I know it's only 50 kills for golds on gadgets but I had 3x gold on gustav before I had 2 golds on anything else.
  10. I'm a hardcore freehander, and I must say, it's quite satisfying when you get it right. Earlier today managed to hit a full blackhawk with mah gustav. Somehow it was a triple and a double kill; I was hoping for a quintuple. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/577805138459523100/A08F0A7A701B2F33C6E6A91EC3C92DB101E8BC8F/ (yes, I play in min settings; my pc build is on hold until september 19th).
  11. At my suggestion, or did you just think of it? :P Spas... The Spas is there for purely aesthetic reasons. Everyone likes the Spas, whether or not it's a good weapon. This is my first time on the thread. And reload canceling - switching weapons as soon as the reload registers and before the animation is done? That doesn't help when it's your main weapon and you need it. Switching to something else then back is much slower. Anyway, the reload difference might be 4 hundredths of a second? Not much. I don't like the spas aesthetically though; it blocks more of my field of vision than the 870.
  12. Rocking the 870 with slugs and magnum ammo. I actually like using that setup as a medic a lot. Does anyone know what the point of the spas is? I looked at some stats and it's the same damage and clip size as the 870 but takes longer to reload and unlocks later...
  13. Georgelemmons


    Began ordering parts for my BF3 gaming comp. I'm too excited about this game.
  14. Hmm, nevermind (maybe). Updated first post with new information.
  15. And I will be overclocking my cpu, gpu, and ram, as well as adding multiple fans. Better safe than sorry, and a bit of upgrade capacity never hurts. Thanks for the help everyone.
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