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    Not to hi-jack the thread, but I have a similar general question to this so I thought i'd add my thoughts. I'm slowly getting closer to 200k tokens too, so am considering which to buy also. I doubt i'll get a melee item as I haven't used melee properly in about 3-4 years and also still have a whip.. Is there much difference between Royal Crossbow and chaotic crossbows? Both are t80.. and RCB is cheap. I was planning on getting the staff out of the 3 options, simply because I don't know of another t80 staff? I have 99 in both mage and range and really don't care about exp. And I don't have much money as I probably play 5-10 hours a month, so my thinking was RCB for range, staff for mage as all I ever seem to do when I play is a couple hours of PVM here and there. It's unlikely i'm ever going to get more than one chaotic, I hate dungeoneering :)
  2. Morning all, I've done a bit of searching on the forums, and outside the forums, but I can't seem to find a complete answer. With ABS and Dual Abyssals more or less the same price now (give or take) I'm wondering which is better; overall and for a variety of scenarios. My initial assumptions are the ABS is better in most scenarios. Happy to be corrected though. However, does this take into consideration that concentrated blast > sonic wave in terms on DPS over time. Or, considering the type of monster you're facing. For ease of discussion, let's split this into high life points and low life points. Also, I tend to use Revolution. So again, is there much difference between the two weapons when considering revolution Vs manual abilities. And not to forget that Abyssals save runes, like SoL. But i'm not really too worried about this at this stage.. Finally, does anyone have any sort of stats to explain how much better either of these are compared to SoL. Any thoughts, let me know. Thanks,
  3. Hi, So I have 579100 loyalty points and no idea what to spend them on.. I'm not at all interested in cosmetic items, only something that will be of something of use in game. I guess Auras are the best choice, but which ones? I plan to go from 88-99 herblore soon so is there anything that can help with that? Saving items, speeding up pot making.. I also plan to PVM a fair bit, probably glacors at first, predominately range or mage based. I also like slayer, anything that helps there? Or alternatively to auras, anything that will help with day-to-day RS, anything that gives extra teleports, boosts etc. Any and all suggestions welcomed, it's been quite a while since i've played RS properly.. Thanks
  4. I hadn't heard about this legacy thing.. Will take a read. I don't think i'm going to be changing my stats significantly any time soon but was just interested to see what peoples thoughts were. I get the impression using Magic in PVM is a pretty efficient money making method currently so will see what I can find on that too. Thanks,
  5. So, I haven't played in about a year and was considering playing on-and-off again. My questions is.. I wondering if there was any reason/benefit to being a tank build now with the current RS game? Thanks,
  6. JJG

    Mage Staking

    Thanks, rejoined the chat :)
  7. JJG

    Mage Staking

    Hi All, Haven't played RS in quite a few months, approximately since when SoA came out.. I used to mage box with Blood Barrage a lot before I left and I plan to continue this now that i'm playing again. However I was just wondering if Blood Barrage or SoA is the best spell to mage box with now-a-days..? Thanks. p.s. What happened to Shyla's friends chat? I came back and no-one was in it? Has everyone moved somewhere else?
  8. Sounds like your account is doing well, keep it up! I'm maxed now for a range tank and I fail at pking, you can always stake as well though! :)
  9. Surely if he's not looking for max stats then high att/def and lower str (as in normal boxing) would be better?
  10. The hybrid armour is only useful in minigames... Not worth coming back for..
  11. Your luck mageboxing seems substantially better than mine. Nice stakes.
  12. I don't know if that's a good idea. I just lost a 4.5M and a 17M. My luck is fading fast. And this is lliterally everything I have. The rest of my bank is just random junk to fill it up for ZMI rcing. I did that with my bank, staked 350m, lost, now quit, feels good!
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