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  1. *sigh* I've just gotten my first offence. It isn't much, only a 24 hour mute, what really pissed me off is that it was a friend who reported me. The offence was under Rule 1, I viewed the evidence but it didn't show anything breaking that rule. I tried to appeal it but it just showed "deferred" an wouldn't let me. I don't want to have an offence on my account if according to the evidence I didn't break the rule I was reported under! I searched all I could but I couldn't find the answers I was looking for so I came here. Apparently, since my account is still in the "Green Zone" Jagex states it will not have any long-term complications as long as I abide by the rules. My question is this: If my account stays in the Green Zone and doesn't get reported for a long time, will the previous offence go away? (like get erased or something) Or will it just stay there forever?
  2. Mordgar

    Large ?

    I saw it a few times in Zamorak's Armory... "Selling rune large 25k each!" What do they mean by large?
  3. I would slaughter as much as I could and log out when I get a warning from a mod
  4. I did that quest months ago, but farmer fred said that I should beware of the Thing ! So I got scared and got wool elsewhere. But I've been wondering.... What is the Thing? Is it really a monster that shows up when you're getting wool ? Or what?
  5. I'm always broke ! I spend all my money as soon as I get at least 100k !
  6. Mordgar


    I need info about him. Other than the stuff in the random events guide. Does he drop both top amd bottom robes at once? or one robe per shade? I could use other info as well since i'm trying to kill one.
  7. You think I forgot ?
  8. I'm F2P so Favourite Mining Least Favourite Crafting
  9. im guessing this was a ploy for attention? Are you screwing with me ?! My friend died and I'm trying to get a number of replies in his memory and you're saying that I'm making this up ? You're nothing but an insensitive person !
  10. Everybody in the whole world is wearing zombie outfits except me. I'm buriyng bones and have benn for a long time. Why isn't that Leo guy showing up ?! Don't give me that random time stuff
  11. Goal achieved ! we have 50 posts ! R.I.P Joey (1989-2006)
  12. Hey ! I haven't ben on this forum for a while and thought this was deleted! Cool ! It's still here ! Keep up the good work everyone ! You give out confidental government secrets to other players Someone knocks the door and you open it Secret agents are at your door O)h Dear You Are Dead !
  13. Mordgar

    Kebabs ?

    How much does a kebab heal when you eat it?
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