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  1. Well I go to a really really small private school. By that I mean Im in a class of 2, just this one girl and me. This is gonna be my junior year I guess Im kinda looking forward to it, my girlfriend goes to the same school as I do and dont get to see her that much during the summer so pretty excited Ill get to start seeing her again on a regular basis. oh yea it starts aug 27 only 3 weeks left
  2. How do I merchant I have 3mill what items should i buy
  3. Just got a new mitsubishi lancer gts last month for 15k which is better than the original 19k the dealer before was asking. Automatic, 168 hp pretty nice i love it
  4. Hmm let me check my black marks, I got for doing nothing
  5. Argh, I was playin basketball and the blackberry was in my pockets and when I jumped up it fell out and cracked the screen so I am without a phone until tommorow :wall:
  6. Note: I don't know if this topic has been made yet This Christmas I got a red Blackberry pearl here's a pic, what kind of phone do you have?
  7. I agree with your post I started shortening my time on rs like twice a week or something, but I should just quit.
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