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  1. Technically, then, you could say we don't need prayer either. It drains away, while you use (commonly) a protection prayer. While it only does protection up to 50% of a human opponent's assault (within CW, BH, or Duel Arena), it's still a buffer -- you're only delaying the points from being taken away from yourself. You have 50 hp. Your opponent has 60 hp. -> You're getting hit 10 pts of damage (let's say this was all melee, for sake of simplicity); you're hitting on the opponent up to 6 damage but hitting consistently. He can potentially hit you up to 10 pts of damage. You have no food. -> You turn on Protect from Melee - 50% protection + the ability to evade attacks twice as normal. -> Opponent hits a 4 on ya. Prayer drains. -> Opponent hits a 4 on ya. Prayer drains. -> Opponent hits a 4 on ya. Prayer drains. -> Opponent hits a 5 on ya. Prayer drains. -> Opponent hits a 6 on ya. Prayer drains. -> Opponent hits a 6 on ya. Prayer drains. -> Opponent hits a 7 on ya. Prayer drains - you're done on prayer pts. -> Opponent hits the final 4 on ya. You're dead. Basically if you had no prayer, you'd have been done with a lot sooner than with prayer. Using Summoning acts just like protection. Let's say you have a scroll for the [insert metal] bull rush, using a minotaur. You're at 12 hp. Your opponent is at 10 hp. No prayers. He can hit you with 14 using a warhammer, while you got a scroll for Adamant Bull Rush using your Adamant Minotaur. You hit first, get a lucky 10 on him (the scroll hits up to 16, plus a stun on the opponent). He's dead. Lucky the Wildy was taken out, we'd have heard so many more "prayer nubs" and "summy nubs" ~WSW~
  2. no, we'd have the revs come down to varrock then, if some idiot noob was being chased by one (hopefully, if he's not dead yet)... I'm sure there's a code for the parameters of how far an npc can walk. As far as farcasting goes... IDK. ~WSW~ PS. Prepare for the invasion, ftw?
  3. Well, it's either an oversight, or this was intentional for JaGEx in 2 ways: 1) Construction is supposed to be a money drain. Chest is one thing that drains a cr*pload of cash... think of the whole house! or 2) This is an indication that trade limits will be lifted in the next 6 to 8 months. Or by Jan 2009. This is to make sure almost all RWTers are gone out of the game. One year is more than enough to make gold-farmers and account-farmers leave the game completely. ~WSW~
  4. A lot of changes happened. I'd be happy to give you a breakdown this time, but next time, please use the RuneScape home page instead of hitting "Existing Members". 1) Limit is now 3k per 15 minutes. You can receive or give away up to a total of 3k's worth within a 15 minute duration. This was to kill RWTers. Grand Exchange is where you can sell or buy anything at any time. Put something up for auction, people will buy (eventually - not always instant). You can drop stuff of course, it's just now a longer wait time for people who want to pick stuff up. Meant to kill off drop traders. 2) Grave markers are installed so that the player who died can retrieve their stuff. If the marker dies off, the stuff there disappears too. This was also meant to kill drop trading. You can repair a gravestone at lvl 2 prayer, I believe. You can bless it @ lvl 70 so it lasts up to an hour.
  5. Wow... gtfo you're not cool. Actually, lizard and I have reconciled our differences. So, that will be edited out. Thank you for reminding me. ~WSW~
  6. I've been supporting this for a while... the only way to make the spells do more damage is to put fletching in f2p. Since mages can rc, and rangers can't fletch, there's a definite advantage to rcing and having a higher supply of runes. OF COURSE! never mind. there's no chaos altar we f2pers can use... or is there? We just can't keep on using and making minds to fight. Heh, it would be fair just to then up the damage on mage spells. That way, JaGEx doesn't have to put arrow fletching or chaos altar usage down to f2p. ~WSW~
  7. =D> :XD: whoo! i totally lmao'ed this page.! All of this is reported. Stop faking pics. Stop posting pics without consulting a general pic guide on tip.it. I'm sure the rules have defined certain guidelines. ------------------------------------------------ On-topic, i'm thinking we have to craft the pouches ourselves, using Crafting. Runecrafting or Magic to enchant it. You will probably collect the items and put them in the pouch, but grind it, giving you some Herblore exp. Since Summoning will drain pts... will Prayer be linked in any way? I mean, since you've Summoned something, protection prayers are iffy. Will they let both prayers and summoning be used at the same time? Most likely not. If they're used together, then pts should be drained faster. Think of how easy it would be to monster hunt solo. No more lootshare? ~WSW~
  8. [hide] 1) money is more than 100k. should be in white lettering. 2) assist has "on", not "On" 3) Game is on, not All. 4) Axe's color for "Challenge" - is it not supposed to be red, or white? not sure, but it's not orange. [/hide]
  9. So, if my (and Omali's and QueenValerie's) inkling is right, we'll see another rise in prices with certain "noobish" simple items (like bones, feathers, and raw meat, easy for f2p to get). I'm guessing you have to grind these items with mortar and pestle. I'm predicting a rise in demand for these "noobish" items within the f2p economy, let alone the p2p market. JaGEx has this in the bag. They are gonna try and circulate more money and items through Summoning, without having to drop parts of a skill into f2p. I was partially incorrect Nice. They'll start putting in new NPC's I guess. If p2p gets to summon bears, they can kill a bear, collect all the items, grind them, put em in the pouch, enchant it, and Voila! SUMMONED! ~WSW~
  10. Omali wrote a great piece on Prototypes. He's describing the Tower of Life as a preceptor to summoning. I'm thinking that with the pouches, you have to put certain items in there, like for a dog - bones, fur, meat = dog. It'll probably involve the life rune (if it does come out), that when you put it all in a pouch, you enchant it with the life rune + elemental rune, and out comes a summoned dog. Possibly. ~WSW~
  11. hey jcfc, long time no see, didn't know you were in clan TET. nice! how's bloodshed doing (pm me!) ~WSW~
  12. yeah, it's a lot, if ur makin 3k in less than 5 minutes. it's not when your making 3k in 15 minutes max. ~WSW~
  13. MechScape's in the works. Looking forward to that.
  14. Jan 2 2008 already happened. besides, Jan 2 2008 was a Wednesday. Don't post unnecessary spam if you are in a rush. ~WSW~
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