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  1. 4 per trip with 99 def 80+str atk and range?........are you trying to tank? i encourage u to try a speed method like gs claws for spec c bow with ruby/diamond (i prefer ruby) with super atk str def ranged pots...repot after about 2 kills (when def is at 110) use pieity and eagle eye whil switching prot prays....and if u dont alrdy use f1 f3 and f5 keys.....even with those stats u shud still be able to pull off 10-14 an hour which could be 5-7 a trip use war tort and bunyip (or just bunny if u cant tort idr lvs) and if not 14 an hour i would be extremly surprised at less than 10......o and if u dont have a gs use whp and def def>dfs at tds borrow claws they are the secret
  2. nah if i wanted to go through that much toruble just running to abearnats with no nose peg would suffice know of anything else zammies are fine but hard to buyish
  3. trying to think of somthign that can lower defence to 0 (for maxing and 99 parties=p) but all i can think of is zamorakian brew and i dont think that stacks each drink....i swear i rember somthing could... any one know?
  4. while being a great idea it is not currently possible to loan out more than one item at a time (system limitations). they may have been leaning towards this at the begining of the lending system but lending 1 item in java without it being duped its a pain more than 1 would cause problems potentially causing dupes. and then u got the whole rwt aspect...ppl lending ags's out for a week for x amount of money.....thats the reason for the current 24 hour limit
  5. hmm this is a hard decision. i was thinking a mual myself....i dont mind using whip for slayer as it is cheaper and i make alot of my money at tds (using claws for spec and gs when not using claws) based on this data i assumed the chatoic maul would be perfect for me but i have heard that it is incredibly inacurate and gs are better? not sure ill prolyl get the maul to test anyways...as for rapier vs longsword i would personally get the longsword from thefriends ive talked to and vids iv watched the rapier albeit good at pking and slaying just sucks at boss slaying compared to the longsword anyways any 1 think i should go with maul for my <3 of tds? (or wait to just claw spec pot and overload?)
  6. havnt searched in over a year or so not much of a pker just here and there....but it would be nice if there was a map with hotspots and multi just wondering if any 1 has made or no where to find one?
  7. is there a way to make the color change if the number is positive/negativ? like for instanace in my "profit tab" if my profit falls to a negative number aka i lose money it changes to color red instead of green? edit never mind i figured it ou all u got to do is add rules on drop down color menu
  8. pm me in game or post need help with opening the first door i can do the rest by myself =p thanks for the help =p
  9. for all those saying omg less than .6% of level and 93 requirments etc...... dont forget u can pot tho those levels so the 91 smithing can be done at 85 smith which way more ppl have than 91 the only skill i find to be an aception is the 93 summoning as i dont think there is curently away to boost your summoning level... so if you want to re work your math minus all requirments by 5 (caus 6 is hard to get with stews) yes summoning is time consuming and expensive but by the time players have that high of summoning they either have the skillz or close to them and if they dont have that they have the money to poer train .....most ppl will look at the reqs and be like ... O M G ....but when u were lv 3 you would look at the price of a rune pick or full rune and be like omg..... my first ful lset of rune was one of my favorite feelings of acomplisments (350k per set of armour back then) and now its a joke 200k? i wish i could lose that much on a normal death but if i do ill lose 30-50times that so in perspective it really isnt that bad it just seems like a longshot as your levels now did back at level 3 did
  10. That was Moses you idiot.That gets fixed in the bugfix the following week. Maybe. Best quote ever. I don't see how the summoning thing is a problem if there fixing it soon. I brought about 8m in shards a week ago coverted them to shards (cost me 22.4 per shard). Once you hit about 40 summoning its much cheaper to simply convert pouches to shards. At this moment the best pouch is 22.76 gp/shard which is still over 2 gp cheaper. and then since the speed of gathering charms has been drastically reduced those pouches and all otheres close to 25gp a shard sky rocket and the uber rich are the only ones who can now speed traing summoning.. so gladi used all my charms the day before..buying 550k shards with this stock option would have been impossible
  11. not nessesarly while jagex has been giving into high internet speed demands for awhile now there are still people who use this ancient technology called dial up...(u use like a phone line and plug it in to you computer? then like your computer accesses the internet at only 56kbs max...scary hu?) anyways......if its a realtivly big update they wil lrelease small ghraphical area seperatly first so when they update the game and 600k+ ppl are trying to download the update it will only take 4 horus to download instead of 6 ^.^ it is not uncommon for bits and pieces to be released first to not only test it in the actual game but to prepare for the launch
  12. pure essence will never revert back because people will still bot or mine loads of essence to gain an acount with massive amount of gp which in turn you can sell the account with all the money on it...with alot of money u can train alot of skills fairly quickly
  13. im sure the shards will be fixed in either the amount needed per pouch or the shards will be put to infinite...or a faster buying amount and respawn time summoning came out after infinite shops from what i remember...this skilll would almost be impossible to train if it continued like this as i just used 500k shards 2 days ago going from 70-79... all og get thats a MINIMUM of 200 hours..thats bs for 9 levels that was only like 900kxp? 94-99 could take thousands of hours just to buy the shards? charms take long enough bs no way in hell will it be kept this way i gaurntee it will change or at least the shop will have 500k+ stock and respawn fully withing an hour or 3
  14. all i know is this was a real name in rs so im assuming i wont get in trouble since it was in rs not like i made it...but if it needs to be removed remove it >.< this made me laugh so hard long long long time ago way before rwt [hide=picture][/hide]
  15. yes n hopefuly even if u havnt loged in in 2yeas but still pay for meme they wont de activate u..i took about a 7 month break but still paid...y? one to keep my 5 dollars a month ad two because i know i would come back soemday and well 60 dollars a year is nothing...
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