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  1. I'm thinking today's update a ploy of some sort... Maybe there will still be an epic update on Wednesday
  2. I'm using SC hammers to smith mithril plates right now and I was wondering if anyone knew the exact amount of plates/xp i can get out of one hammer. I'll be moving to addy plates very soon, so I was wondering if it was an XP based charge or how many plates I'm actually making. Thanks
  3. I have to have everything in order from my inventories to my bank, everything arranged in an order. All of my levels can't be close to leveling either. Like if something is close to a level it kills me that I'm so close.
  4. People going for 99 may be doing it for the cape, but a lot of friends I know are going for 99 herblore just because it's now a useful skill to have. The cape's are definitely a motivation, but some skills are actually worth the effort. I think going for a 99 is a skill in itself. After getting 99 in all melee stats and magic, I decided I wanted 99 slayer. It took me about a year of training it every day to get it, but I finally did. Now I feel like I can get any 99 I want. It's all about determination and whether or not you're the kind of person that can stick to it.
  5. Thank you SO much! Very helpful! So just to double check, the plates sell on the GE when I'm finished, right? :ohnoes:
  6. Congrats on 99 Slayer, I actually just got that on tuesday. Good work :thumbsup: I had my party in shilo but I'd choose somewhere skillers can go like you said, maybe somewhere significant to you and just use a lamp.
  7. I'm not sure if I should do mithril plates from 71-88 and then addy plates from 88-99? It's all about total cost when all is said and done for me. I will be using SC hammers for the entire way though. If I could get any insight into which materials I might be making sell better on the GE that would be great. Everyones saying that like it costs ~70M, but the initial materials for 88-99 using addy plates is 196M.
  8. Congrats on 99 slayer!

  9. This. People who have the ability to make them should have an advantage...
  10. Thanks guys for the input. I actually love SC so I may go with that route :razz:
  11. I just completed my goal of 99 Slayer and want to go for a new 99, so I was wondering how I should go about getting 99 smithing? I'm only 71 right now haha I've got about 270M, I'd prefer not to spend it all though. I'm open to any methods or suggestions Thanks
  12. What irritates me is that we all complain and moan about how there's not enough high level content. When they finally put something like this out, everyone complains because it's too high level for THEM and they can't buy it, you actually have to put some effort in.
  13. Well, God forbid you ever have to work for an advantage. I don't mean to be rude, but working for the betterment of your character vs profit is one of the best changes they can make to the game. It makes you want a high herblore level doesn't it? That's exactly what it was put there for :thumbup:
  14. MMH has the perfect idea of what a dungeon should be. I so hope they put a few dungeons like that into the game :thumbsup:
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