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  1. Never hop onto f2p so I can't address that. Ran by flax field for daily ration, NO bots there. Quick run past Seers yew's NO bots there. So how did I take advantage of this? Geared up for green drags in lvl 18 wildy, woot, empty. Killed 160 of them in 1 hour banking all hides and bones. Quick 1+ mill.
  2. Here is my attempt to unscientifically estimate the number of bots playing rs at this time. I regularly log on around 9:00 est (US) and always take note of the number of players out of curiosity. Since the free trade update, the totals seem to run pretty consistantly in the 120k to 130k range, weekends excluded. There obviously are more players on the weekend so I don't count them. Yesterday as we well know there was the server crash, which essentially logged out all players for an extended period. When I logged back on late yesterday, there were only about 60k users. Allowing time for those to come back to their respective workstations, I discounted that figure. This morning at log in there was around 80k online. So by my excellent math skills, I infer that there may be in the vicinity of 40k or so bots playing rs at any one time! I did notice that there were far fewer yew cutters at Seers, and the unicorn bot was not there. It will take some time for the members to restart their bot programs, just thought this may be an interesting guess at their numbers. Any thoughts?
  3. Here is one I found and it was not listed in the Guide West of Varrock in Building next to Bank http://yfrog.com/juelitecompasscluespotp
  4. Monster that dropped clue: Desert Strykewrm Level of Clue (if 100% known): Elite Clue Hint (with Picture): Below Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Compass directed to shown area, found it east of Eagles Peak mountain, south of falconry along waters edge. Additional information if needed: Spade to dig at location.
  5. Ok, got a question which I hope is not too stupid. I have collected many gems from mining stars and drops. Over 1k each of sapphire and emerals, hundreds of rubys and diamonds. I don't know what to do with them. Should i craft bracelets and sell, craft bolt tips and sell, make bolts with gem tips and sell or just craft the gems and sell. My levels are high enough to do all skills, I just don't know what way is most profitable. I'm interested in a speedy and profitable method, not slow and boring like cballs are for smithing. I appreciate your adivse in advance and as always mega thanks to Tip.it for this great resource.
  6. I just finished a game of Fish Flingers and was awarded 29 tokens. I have never collected any fish rewards so the tokens all accumulated. Last game (earlier today) I had 2000 tokens total, and that was divided into 666 sharks and 333 swordfish. A clear relation of 2/3rds sharks and 1/3 swordies for 1998 tokens. Well after this last game a few min ago, I noticed that my 29 tokens were not added to the 2000 already counted, and that my fish count remained the same. So the game must have a limit of 2000 tokens. Please update the game guide so that players realize that they must cash out before 2000 or risk loosing tokens as I just did.
  7. On thing that I haven't seen in the thread is the impact of D bones on the economy. We constantly see threads on runaway inflation, crazy prices on items, how much will they rise, etc. D Bones offer Jagex one of the best ways of removing cash from the game. As players get better skills, the accrue cash that can be dumped into prayer. By removing cash from the game, inflation is tamed somewhat - basic economics. Jagex has always tried to remove cash in some form or fashion in the skills, Construction was hailed as a huge money sink. Why did everyone train summoning or herblore on double exp weekend - to save cash cause they are money sinks. Prayer remains one of the constant and best methods of removing significant amounts of cash from the game. So while I disagree with the OP's original premise, I do believe that D bones will remain at a high price, and that Jagex is actually happy and will not encourage new methods of making it cheap.
  8. I lost my tackle box while traveling in the wildy unprotected. I know that can be stupid, but whoa is me, lol. Anyway, like most reward items, if you talk to the fisherman's wife you can get it back free. That may have been obvious but there is no mention of such a return of item in the activity guide. Might be helpful to the younger ones who do not understand things or would try to buy another.
  9. I querried PIckupstixx via lunar talk and he gave me this locational clue "Travel through demons and dwarves of chaos, but mind the axes" I believe that is the oblisk at the Chaos elemental in level 50 wildy. I traveled there to try and get a screeney, but I think the window of opportunity closed. I have a screen shot but dont know how to post it in the message.
  10. Duh on me, I guess my brain isnt working so well, lol. Sometimes the obvious is far from your sight. Thanks for all your advise. Maybe see you around rs.
  11. Well I have finally reached the end of a long and grinding road. I am only 5k away from 99 slayer, 99 att, 99 str and 99 def. I want to have a 4 cape 99 party with my friends. Varock is a natural choice for the combat capes, probably on palace guards. My problem is where to share the 99 slayer party. I have some friends who are lvl 3 skillers and would like for them to be there. Do do you or anyone have suggestions as to how or where I can achieve that milestone with my friends? I thought about the jade vine to put me over the top, then when I come out of the mini-game having the fireworks and sparkles. I dont want to have that happen during the game and then have no one to share it with. So any experience and advice is appreciated.
  12. I've recently been active in star hunting as a diversion, and your guide is immensly helpful. Today I was all over the wildy looking for a star, traveling to each red dot on your map several times. I was really frustrated not being able to find the star (I ususally solo them) after 3 trips around. Then I read the map locations a little closer. Yes there is a drop spot in the Hobgoblin Mines, but your map does not reflect a red dot. Thank you for taking the time to create this 10/10 guide, but could you edit the wildy maps to place a red asterick on the hobgolin mines :)
  13. Stranger things happen in RS. I have been playing for a little over 3 years now, usually every day. Very close to 92 slayer and almost 2000 levels. I've have my share of drops, to include several drag meds at barrows mostly. Yes the first one excited me, but after that the novelty wore off. What I really was hoping for was the vaulted drag left half shield. To carry that impressive armor has always been a goal of mine, and while I have plenty of cash, I always wanted to get a "drop", not a purchase. So earlier today I'm at turoths in the Polly dungeon when lo and behold, my FIRST drag left half!!! No one was around, so I quickly went to the GE, and also the items data base to count my good fortune. Lo and behold, as has been discussed in other threads, the shield drop is really a money loser. You can buy a Drag large for 500k, but to make your own with the drop its 750K. So almost a 250k loss in gp by smithing this incredibly elusive drop. Decided to save it as a memory rather than waste the cash. So I go back and finish my task that had 40 left. Heck, I got more in value from the 2 clues than the drag left half. Sumona gives me 157 more turoth in back to back tasks - UGH (I really should block them). My 2nd turoth, guess what is the drop is; ---- another drag left half ---- So 2 halves in 42 turoth's. Go figure. Yes, this time I was virtually unmoved, knowing it was about a 66k drop if I alch them. Sort of like cave horrors, over 1k killed and no black mask. Last week got 3 in 40 horrors in 1 task. Oh well, at least I now have 2 halves in the bank and that all things are truly random in RS.
  14. Thanks for the advise. I think I'll keep it as I do have some bank space. Keep up the work in this fun game. Peace
  15. I just finished an abyssal demon task and out of 141 beasts got 1 whip and 1 abyssal head. Since I don't really train construction and do not merchant, I'm not really sure what good they are. Should I keep it, sell it or just drop it. Sorry for being nooby, but I don't have time to check out all of the fan sites for what it really does. Also a search on this board was not real clear. TIA for your advise.
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