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  1. I just logged on after four years and have no intention of dedicating a lot of time to RS (maybe a few hours a week at the most), but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions? Can someone give me a summary of changes in the last five years? I have 41M in the bank; I know that's not a lot, but anything I can do with it? I know I'm being very vague, and that's intentional. Just trying to get some ideas. Thanks D
  2. Not a single post in 3 days in this forum? And 2 weeks since a post has been made in another thread? Sad.
  3. So, I'm thinking of getting back into RS again... I dont want to play on my main anymore though; find it really discouraging that when I leave and come back, a whole bunch of updates come into effect and I feel like my character is so behind again.. and it feels like work trying to get him back up to speed. So I'm starting a new character fresh from the start, with the intention of making a mage or range pure to PK in f2p. So, what are the best ways to make money in F2P AND P2P? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Your ignorance amuses me. It's funny that you say that because I'd have rather closed and ended on a good note than trying to keep a clan that now pulls 80 opts [Downfall] alive. Embarrasing, son. You're just saying tk couldn't fight through pains of getting better. Every clan has slumps and every clan has highs, we work so we can come out and become better. We don't just close when there might be the slightest bit of trouble. And btw we might of pulled 80 Opts for a week or two, but that's the usual time we pull less( exam period/beginning of summer) Had a full ending of 135 the other day, so it doesn't look like 80opts does it. If all clans would of closed every time they were hitting a slump, the clan world would be no more. :thumbup:
  5. could have gotten it confused with DK as the initials are similar and this is the 10239840138940142389th time that dk is reopening, and just because you are retired doesn't mean you aren't in a clan unless you can't go to events, either way no hard feelings, was just trying to make a point. And yes you are right in the fact that too much instability is created when a clan opens and reopens constantly, however I think that since they waited about a year it shouldnt be as big of an issue as DK reopening every couple months Lol yes it's DK. I've been out of the loop for quite a while so just forgot (feelin' like a noob), but definitely know who TK are and DF's history with them. And true, I may be retired, but still, DF 4 lyfe :P
  6. lol as per my status, I'm retired, so not technically in Downfall, and don't really care about past TK-Downfall beef. It's a game, and the drama that comes along with it [usually] adds to the fun. my point was that clearly there's too much instability in a clan that open and reopens constantly, that they shouldn't even bother, and that it's not even worth posting about. But I think I may have confused TK with another clan maybe.. hmm.. cause the clan I was thinking about closed and reopened more than twice (I think)
  7. Doesn't this clan close and reopen all the time? Who even cares?
  8. I think RsD is the best example of a clan closing, reopening, and taking its old spot back.
  9. Had no idea that RR reopened. I still remember my clan's (TU) war with them - gave them a dose of adrenaline and pushed them into the top 10.. It's nice to see old clans reopening but like others have said, I'd only be okay with it if it was the old leadership doing it, along with a considerable old member base.. otherwise, it's not the real RR and I think leaching off a clan name is disrespectful and uncool.
  10. Deltaer

    CR vs DF

    Ummm so tie? Good job both clans
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