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    History, paleontology, and deep ecology keep me interested along with good books, good music, soccer, and tea with sugar.. no milk.

    I'm vegan, and am preparing for a career in environmental science or animal rights.

    Add me in-game, we can be friends!

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  1. My account D _ _ _ _ U _ _ _ _ X's combat stats: Combat level - 88. Attack - 72. Strength - 70. Defense - 70. Constitution - 74. Ranged - 70. Prayer - 51. Magic - 68. Now that the wilderness is back, I'd like to PK in free worlds. But I realize that I'm just going to get killed by pures probably. What can I do with this account to make it competitive in the wilderness? All suggestions welcome! Cheers. xx
  2. Glad to see my thread is still used haha. Hopefully I'll get back into the game and forums.. miss it. So much has changed.
  3. Just completed a random event and decided to get a costume point. Went to clothing shop in Varrock, but couldn't find the menu to see my points.
  4. I used to play with friends. Recently they all started playing again.. but I can never get myself to buy my own cards. It just seems like such a waste..
  5. I enjoy whatever size tip.it is now. I know quite a few people from forums and Lady Heinous chat.. but there are still lots of strangers. EDIT: To view your link, we must be members of the site.
  6. How should I get level 10 construction from level 1. It's one of the member's skills I haven't touched yet, and I need the level to complete Varrock Achievement Diary. Thanks!
  7. Should be included in the new forum software. :) Though people seem to think I am a girl. :lol: :thumbup:.
  8. What kind of topics are you looking for in articles? I love writing, but whenever I think about writing for Tip.It Times, I don't have anything to write about. Maybe I'm just not passionate enough about Runescape..
  9. I think there should be a simple Male or Female. I'm aware girls play Runescape and use forums, so I try to avoid generalizing people buy calling them guys. It'd be nice to know though.
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