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  1. And once you hit 86, do Plank Make, it's 160k exp/hour and it profits a bit too :D
  2. Thanks for the help, I've managed to go down to the Kings with crap gear and I've learned to get on rex without a suicider. I just need to know one more thing, what is the best familiar to bring? I'm stuck between Bunyip, WarTort, and Fruit bat. I'm hoping to get titans during the bonus exp weekend (even with the tiny multiplyer) but atm what is the best for me?
  3. I'll probably be able to give my brother 100k to do it :thumbsup: At this point I just need a good guide. I've found some older ones but I'm not sure if they are outdated or not.
  4. I'm going to try to solo mage the dagganoth kings today, I'm in need of a good guide for soloing. I'm not going to have a suicider (My little brother is being stingy). Can anyone point me to a good guide for first-timers? Just all the basics need to be explained, IE, luring rex, getting there, what to bring, etc. If it's any help I have guthans.
  5. Even the smallest gifts can make the new players smile. When free trade came back I went into free world and gave 20k to many random players that seemed nice. Even they were incredibly grateful for the small gift of 20k. It's good to make others feel good :)
  6. With the Green Dragons would I be picking up hides and bones or just bones?
  7. I'm going to prepare for this bonus exp weekend, I was originally saving up charms, but seeing they only get a small bonus, I'm not sure what I should train. Stats: I have about 3m I'm willing to spend on this.
  8. Would anyone be so kind as to PM me on Runescape and tell me an item that's good to flip? :pray:
  9. Could possibly explain a bit more, I'm completely new to dungeoneering.
  10. Me and my brother are going to (try) to train dungeoneering. We are both level 5, what is the fastest way? Names are Rollercoastn (me) Ehc (brother) just in case you wanna look us up. What's the best strategy to level up really fast?
  11. The problem is if you try to drop them it will give you a warning and won't let you. I always pick them up then log, it's been a free 500k every time :)
  12. Thank you so very much. That is one great thread :)
  13. Hello, I've been gone for awhile, however I remember one thread that involved close-up pictures of items. The way people would get these items was by dropping the item on 1 level of the grand tree, going to the bottom, and, while in HD mode, they could see the item. Could anyone direct me to the thread? After a lot of searching, I can't find it.
  14. I made around a million back selling crap I don't need and doing some nooby money makers, so I've got that to spend. All I really have is -Berserker Helm -Verac's Brassy -Glory -Dragon legs -Dragon Defender -Dragon Boots -ROW -Spottier cape (lol) -Whip aswell
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