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  1. Happy Birthday

    Miss you man.

  2. Happy birthday Aidan <3

  3. Have an awesome birthday!

  4. what did he rage over?

  5. Looks like we have a ragequiter.


  7. a solid coloured 2D figure in a white box...

    It's called a silhouette... Just sayin'

  8. Yew longs sell, not sure on prices. Not hard to calculate.
  9. RayOxide


    Jagex didnt fix the conductor rod at all. 4 uses over 2. It may hit alot less, but it hits 2x more, which adds up to a rather large amount.
  10. Its only a waste if he/she plans on getting higher levels - if not, then he/she should just get 52 with all the charms.
  11. Thanks for the ideas :D. I like things being symmetrical*, so the portals that was is cool. Any others?
  12. Above about cbow is true. Its the same power as broad bolts, (+100 range strength). It's faster and only loses the use of a shield. I recommend it highly if you have it down to the 180k charges. Cheaper than adamant arrows and much much stronger.
  13. Right, thats a very quick (and fail) picture I made of the Ground level (<) and Upper level (>) of my house idea. I was wondering if I would fit most of the stuff in there? The ground floor has to be appealing to most people and the like. I coloured certain ones I want in certain ways. Basically the green is open grassy area, so a garden or formal garden. The dark grey is the dungeon The purple is the portal The light grey are rooms. I numbered them for people to help me create this ja? The only ones I want kept the way I want are "9" for the altar "10" for the portal "12" for the dungeon "2, 18" for the stairs upward to "22, 25" I have a few priorities though. I need two bedrooms. So they should go upstairs. Ehh, I think you should get the point. Another note is, for rooms I probably dont need but dont fit in the Ground level, I can always make more rooms on the Upper level. Any things are nice. Note my level will be 65 when I am finished, and I have a crystal saw and probably the +3 construction boosting tea. Another note, I want both the lecturns not just one. ;)
  14. Cockroaches are ok, Dried Zombies are pretty good, as are Kalphite soldiers.
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