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  1. I know this, but I dont want to use it yet. I want to see if it still works WITHOUT using it.
  2. I have a couple cards laying around and I dont knoe if Ive used them all. Is there a way to check if one is still good without actually activating it?
  3. No, not extremely new news. Not many people have heard of it yet since it wasnt a large release. I just deceided to prove my point more. Did you read the second part? That is what is important to me.
  4. Hi, I think this is the correct place to post this, :P so here goes: This wasn't a huge release,, but I have been anticipating this since day 1. It's the 4th generation ipod touch! With facetime, a front AND back facing camera. It has an updated retina display like the iPhone. This makes it screen, Hi-Def. It also includes a microphone and larger external speaker. Comes in 8gb, 32gb, and 64gb Here is a quick video explaining it: I have a problem though. I have an ipod touch 2nd generation and the battery life on it lasts about 1 hour of MUSIC. I used it to the max :P. I really want this ipod, I have WAY more than enough money for it, but my mom wants me to pay a hefty $80 fee from apple to replace my battery. I want to just get the new ipod because it is about time for an update. I'm honestly tempted to break my ipod on purpose, because it would be a waste to pay $80 to have the exact same ipod. some of the pixels on it are permanently broken and there is a small scratch on the screen. Tons of small scratches on the back. I'm tempted to break it to get the new ipod. Any suggestions on how to get the permission from my parents on how to get the new ipod? I thought I'd just make this 2 posts in one, so thanks if you read this far :P!
  5. I've searched both of the bookcases and could not find either. I tried every book. It said that the secret compartment was empty. So I went to my bank and could not find either (or the star amulet). What am I missing here? I have the gardener's head in my inventory. P.S: I started this quest a while back and just recently picked it back up. But still, there should be a way to get them back??
  6. Haha,, good point, I do have friends. (=. (They like me) Everyone messes around with him though.
  7. Hello everybody, one of my friends at school recently admitted to botting. I've warned him to stop multiple times. I figured out where he bots and I want to try to stop him. If push comes to shove, I WILL report him. I want to teach him a lesson. Thanks
  8. Joe got a clue so big he almost shot clue goo all over jim!
  9. I 100% agree with you. Just try it. Let your membership run out and then you know what he's talking about. Trust me, I have the same opinion as you.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if they are going to come out with a color change for darkbows. I heard that including whips, you can color darkbows with Barbarian assault points. I can't seem to find it anywhere on the official runescape website, but if somebody could find that for me, that would be great. (If its a fact and not a myth) Thanks.
  11. I'm gonna have to agree with you on this one...
  12. People still hold grudges these days. Trust me I've been there done that. Just try to stay cool, and keep confident you'll get all your stuff back. I would try a cheap skill at first such as mining, fishing, hunting, etc.... Then once you have enough money to buy some decent gear, try nat running. It works very well. I could make around 440k profit (660k total but buying pure essence drops profit) Last time I did this was in October though. I'm not sure what the prices are like for nats and pure essence now though.. Good luck
  13. Yea I typically have one window Rs (quest guides usally). Thats about it though. I play on the client as well. Is there a way to actually download runescape?
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