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  1. message top lel face in game
  2. What armor are you using?
  3. I cant get blood barrage. Boosting doesnt work either.
  4. whats going to be the fastest way for me to get from 88-92?
  5. Can't do it, either. Wow. That was frustrating.
  6. So, I have: SOL Ahrims Top Ahrims Bottom FSH Can't remember what ring Glory Trimmed Skillcape Infinity Boots Barrows gloves Enough runes for about 5k Ice Burst casts, 6 Super Restore Flasks and 15 or so Rocktails. I'm on wave 18 right now. Will this be okay? if my stats aren't showing, my skills are 99 atk 98 str 91 def 98 hp 87 magic 79 range 73 prayer
  7. So, whats the fastest xp possible going from my level *in sig* to 80 so I can get cr?
  8. I'd assume so. But, I think most nodes are better than wraiths.
  9. Truth. You can almost always get out of those randoms, but they teleport you somewhere else.
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