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  1. message top lel face in game
  2. What armor are you using?
  3. I cant get blood barrage. Boosting doesnt work either.
  4. whats going to be the fastest way for me to get from 88-92?
  5. Can't do it, either. Wow. That was frustrating.
  6. So, I have: SOL Ahrims Top Ahrims Bottom FSH Can't remember what ring Glory Trimmed Skillcape Infinity Boots Barrows gloves Enough runes for about 5k Ice Burst casts, 6 Super Restore Flasks and 15 or so Rocktails. I'm on wave 18 right now. Will this be okay? if my stats aren't showing, my skills are 99 atk 98 str 91 def 98 hp 87 magic 79 range 73 prayer
  7. So, whats the fastest xp possible going from my level *in sig* to 80 so I can get cr?
  8. I'd assume so. But, I think most nodes are better than wraiths.
  9. Truth. You can almost always get out of those randoms, but they teleport you somewhere else.
  10. >2012 >not realizing the obvious exp rewards from randoms ISHYGDDT
  11. I don't have the answer to that, but wouldn't barb fishing+low alch still be better? It's been 108 days since I last played so, I could be wrong. if 48k/hr is right for rocktails, you would add 2.4k exp using the aura. I would i assume.
  12. Suit for the wedding. Keep in mind that a suit is just a jacket and pants. ;)
  13. [spoiler=before] [spoiler=after] Tada!
  14. It didn't run out. I had been a member, saw the loyalty thing and immediately re-subscribed. Not like I play much now, I just want the Samba outfit.
  15. Said I was supposed to bank 3k of these on July 28th. It's the 30th and I only have 100. Anyone know what is wrong?
  16. Maybe if that PKer didnt stream his pking live he wouldn't have lagged.
  17. Grogthurk


    In my summer league (which uses AL rules. I pitch relief and I DH), I'm batting .340 0HR, 31 RBIs. I also have a 1-3 W-L and a 2.30 ERA. I can't exactly say that pitching that much is hurting me. The truth is I need practice. Half of the pitches are short tosses and about 60% are off speed. I always ice my elbow, and take care of it. I rarely have strain in it. The question was more, how much does this count as exercise? I know I am being active. I know weight lifting is more than this. By a long shot. But this is so much fun for me.
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