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  1. If your account was ripping away from you right now, how would you respond? Do you think the structure of the game, (large amounts of experience/clicking in order to reach level 99) is a way to keep you playing while you might not enjoy doing it? You said your goal was to get a completionist cape, but when you started playing was that your reason for playing? You mentioned that you will get 20M in each skill before quitting, are you adding this goal to keep playing and prolong the runescape section of your life? I'm curious if you're in college now, or will be next fall, I can't tell from the way you wrote your post. Thanks for your response, I find it interesting asking the questions that we all think about when we play but push off to the side because we fear what the answers might be, so I respect your willingness to answer truthfully, I'm not sure I would have at the time.
  2. Viv, I'm curious about your maxed out stats. Did you feel compelled to get all 99's to complete the game? The completionist cape itself I find to be a crazy concept. Why did you want all 99's, and did your friends in game help in any way?
  3. This was the same problem I had when I went to college about a year and 4 months ago. I missed runescape, but every time I came back things were more different. I really hate the loyalty program they've added; it's such a gimmicky move. I did what you did and started playing others games, games with my friends though, like minecraft, left for dead 2, and other random things. I want to make it clear that I'm not against video games in general, I just find it interesting that people would spend amounts of time grinding skills (usually alone and isolated from other people). I have nothing against Runescape at all; it helped me through a rough patch in my life, but it also kept me too comfortable as a child and I had a lot of growing up to do when I got to college as a result. Thanks for everyone's answers.
  4. I've updated my first post. I tried to include a variety of the answers throughout the thread, but I missed some because of time. I would like to hear some of your answers to the particular questions I asked (If you consider yourself part of a group I tried to distinguish). Thanks for the input, this thread is going along very well in my opinion.
  5. Like most runescape players, I started while I was younger and once I got to college I was forced to make a decision. Would Runescape follow me into college? I decided I would quit Runescape once I got to college because the only reason I played in the first place was because I was bored and somewhat of a loner. I know a lot of people only play for these reasons I mentioned, and once they were given the opportunity to hang out with others they gave up Runescape. My question is to those people who continue to play once they get to college, in whatever degree. A lot, little, whatever. Why do you continue to play? Are there aspects of the game that compel you to continue to keep playing and for what reasons? I'm genuinely interested in your answers and I do not intend to criticize you in any way. Are there aspects of the game that compel you to continue to keep playing and for what reasons? BTW: I'm going to edit this post with some of the responses I get and attempt to ask some people follow-up questions, if you do not want me to do so, say so in the first line of your reply. First EDIT: I would like to mention that I continue to play other games, but I find runescape boring and repetitive. One of the reasons I'm hearing or reading about a lot is the relaxing aspect of the game. I have a few questions about your motivation though and how you play it. Do you play for a set amount of time? Do you sacrifice other opportunities in order to play Runescape? Do you play other games as well? Do you think that the game itself keeps you playing by the nature of how it works? Meaning does the game make you keep playing "to get a 99, or impress other people?" My second set of questions go out to those who don't have a good answer or don't know why they play. Do you think you'll stop playing once you get to college? Do you play for the social aspect of the game? To those who play for the friends who they've made over the years. Can you justify playing a game with people you've met online because they're your friends? Couldn't you just as easily use Facebook or some other type of communication source to stay in contact? Do you think the game provides you a medium in which to stay connected with your friends, and isn't the argument that by playing the game you stay connected to your friends counterproductive to making friends in real life? Low_C is particular. What aspects of the game outside of the interactions between players do you find enjoyable?
  6. Happy birthday :D

  7. Thought I was alone for a second to be honest. I think it's the fact that his win was so close. He was in danger of losing, therefore, anyone who might beat him should not be playing FoG. This would allow him to get a free 5k charges from level 15's training mage with water strike. Who ever said he shouldn't be playing FoG? It was a close win, and I thought I'd post a picture without the princes and princesses of what is declared a rs picture getting all up my ass about god-knows what. If it's about the comment about running, I was running too, I was just mentioning that it must have looked odd to the lower levels. unspam: fail dungeoneering
  8. What if they were playing just to have fun? :rolleyes: You serious? You made quite a few assumptions with that comment. *conceited rolling of the eyes time* :rolleyes:
  9. Yay, kinda sad seeing two 120+'s running around FoG though.
  10. You're dead right. 22 and 46 have been awful.
  11. Conversely, you could go to lumbridge and ask the Duke for antidragonfire sheilds that sell for 441 gp and bank them, and then sell them on the GE for huge profits.
  12. Kilo

    Lots of Work

    what you do?
  13. Not for a single web page. And like I said on my old computer I don't hear the music, on my new one I do. Turning the music off has no effect.
  14. Well this sucks then. I had a feeling no one would have an answer.
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