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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. I only have 9 tattoos currently ... any one who is considering getting a tat, just remember that it's perminate, and you may regret getting it later in your life ....
  3. I was recently in the book store, and noticed that there were 2 Runescape books on the shelves ( http://www.amazon.com/RuneScape-Betrayal-T-S-Church/dp/1848567227 - http://www.amazon.com/RuneScape-Return-Canifis-Runescape-2/dp/1848567278 ) . I bought them, and have read one, and 3/4 done with the other one. For those of you that have read them, what do you think of the stories and the way it's written ?
  4. Greetings, I have been away from RS for quite some time now, and I am checking in to see what has changed. Last time I have played was when they first introduced dungeoneering. I played that for a couple days, became frustrated with the system and stopped playing again. The last time I played for any length of time was after they introduced Castle Wars. What I am asking is what has changed in the wide world of Rune Scape, and is there anything that will make it worth my time to get my paid membership back ? Thank you.
  5. I find it pointless to make promises to myself that I know I will not keep.
  6. http://www.minecraft.net I played it for a while, and gotten really bored, really FAST. I bought a legal copy of Beta .... and here is what I think. The game type is a very old design, but I find out that I need "the latest and greatest" video card to play it. Currently things like trees and running water cause a LOT of game lag ( tiny draw distance ). I find the lack of "stuff" very boring, and the fact game developers have STATED they do not want to add content is frighting (( Official forum: http://"http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=279635#p3902758" ""Repetitive Inventory"" section )) . This is probably because I have used a lot of virtual worlds such as Secondlife and Activeworlds in the past ( still use ActiveWorlds ) . Building takes WAY too long, resource gathering for said building project is an epic undertaking ( non-hacking, or what hard core fans call the Honorable Way ). Now for the old Clasic Minecraft It's cool that it's free, but not much good at design, and I CAN NOT SAVE MY PROGRESS. Multiplayer is a joke. 5 - 10 minutes to load ( all servers ), constant disconnects, unusable due to griefers destroying anything you make. If I knew than, what I know now, I wouldn't have spent $21 USD on that game, until final release, and it could be properly reviewed.


    I love how most posters above me never bothered to research any of their numbers. #1 - Wisconsin teachers make an average of $45,000 USD a year, http://teacherportal.com/salary/Wisconsin-teacher-salary which is on PAR with the national average http://www.payscale.com/research/US/All_K-12_Teachers/Salary #2 - Under the bill, they loose 10% - 20% of that #3 - State workers (unionized, non-teaching) in WI makes 12% less than non-union workers right now. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=134085454
  8. Never had to verify anything in youtube ... in fact it is still linked to my yahoo Email ... http://www.youtube.com/rls0812 It is laughable how paranoid folks in this forum get over something minor ... and the "phone spam" is illegal in the US.
  9. I need to check this forum more often ... I'm a transplant from the original forums. <<<<<<<<<<<<
  10. People always get the definitions of furry mixed up with other things. Fur-suiters = folks who dress up as furries, go to fur conventions dressed up, e.t.c. Furries = folks who may believe they are anthropomorphic ( animals with human characteristics ) Some furries believe they are another animal, other believe they have a spirit of an animal inside of them, others believe they have an animal guide. There is tons of ancient cultures that believed this. From cave people, to Japanese, to American-Indians . Evan in modern times, anthropomorphic animals are used in everything from children's cartoons, to company mascots. Me personally, I wish I could be a fox youlkai ( Kisune from ancient Japanese folk lore http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitsune )
  11. OK after killing a bunch of different critters suggested here ... Since I really haven't played RS in over 5 years, I have no idea what a waterfiend is... so I skipped that. Looked around for greater demons, but couldn't find any that were easy to get at that weren't in the wildy, so I skipped them Lesser demons have a bad drop rate ... black demons have a bad drop rate, though I could only kill 9 before running out of food. Blue dragons take way too much food. I went around and experimented with tons of different critters, and found that Hill Giants have a great drop rate for gold charms, and using ring of wealth almost doubles my chances of getting one from them.
  12. 78 att and str ... 80 def I want low lvls for fast drop rate. Greater and black demons would take too much time to kill, and I have never used a cannon in my life, (even though I did the quest the day it came out) due to incredibly high cost.
  13. What low level critter has a fairly good drop rate of gold charms, and what low level critter has a fairly good drop rate of crimson charms? I finally decided to try summoning, and I ran into a wall. I have yet to find any good critters to farm for these charms. (( I am very low lvl hunter, and slayer )) EDIT: 78 att and str ... 80 def .... no special armor or weapons.
  14. I wish I could pull posts off the old forum, since I have long lost all my RSC pics .... any way it is kinda funny a few days ago I was catching lizards with nothing on but my bunny ears and some one came by who randomly called me a noob ... Any way ... almost no one knows me, due to the fact I NEVER PKed
  15. Reply To The Autonomous Problem I believe whoever wrote this article may not have been playing RS for a long time. Jagex used a form of captcha quite some time ago to try to get rid of botters, inadvertently making everyone in the game world mad. More can be read here http://www.google.com/search?q=runescape+history+fatigue+system
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