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  1. Whenever Jagex has made major changes to the geography of an area (the Burthorpe/Taverly rework or Lumbridge Crater, for example) they tend to teleport anyone in those areas away, usually to their chosen respawn point, ot avoid issues like logging in over a lake that wasn't there when they logged out or getting stuck in a ladder or whatevs. If, for some odd reason, someone still logs in and finds themselves stuck, they can either Home Tele* away or, if there are enough problems with the area, PMods will make themselves available to tele the players to a safe zone outside of the glitched area. *Interestingly, the Home Teleport spell originally only went to Lumbridge, and was put into the game to help new players get back to a familiar place if they ever got lost in their explorations, or got stuck in a buggy area.
  2. Probably because TH is randomized, and having extra Keys doesn't guarantee you'll get something good, it just increases the chances that you might. Think of it like a casino slot machine; putting a trillion dollars into one of those won't guarantee that you get a jackpot, it just makes it more likely that you will. On the other hand, cheating via real-world trading is paying x sum of money for a predictable, tangible in-game item that you can use to gain an unfair advantage over other players, and a trillion dollars would enable you to buy all of the advantages in terms of raw materials, tradeable weapons/armor, etc. On top of that, it's been suggested that the money paid in real-world trading is often used to fund various criminal and terrorist elements, whereas paying money for extra Keys (or Bonds or whatever) goes directly to Jagex to help develop future game content. Or, to look at the issue a different way, Jagex figures that people with money will use that money to gain an advantage in their game no matter what; by giving those players a safe, legal way to spend their real money for in-game material, Jagex is not only reaping the monetary benefit (which is then shared with the Community via better updates), they're also helping to shut down criminal enterprises across the planet while still helping wealthy players scratch that spending itch.
  3. That's largely why I stopped paying attention to holiday events last few years (that, and the shift from mini-quests with fun rewards that take less than an hour to massive, multi-day community events); Jagex have put a lot of time and effort into crafting a unique world with its own brand of interesting immersion, then they do something "fun" and silly like this that utterly destroys that immersion by reminding us of the Real World that a lot of us are trying to get away from for a little bit.
  4. Okie doke, thanks for the quick answers.
  5. I just got this Super Rare Item from Treasure Hunter on June 31, but I have no clue what it does. Is it a magic combat weapon (it's wieldable and increases Accuracy...) or does it do something else? I've looked around and the only information I can find about it is when it was put into the game and it was some kind of promo item that shouldn't even be available anymore, as the promo supposedly ended in May. So what's the deal? Does it actually do anything or is it just a Dwarven-styled Wand/Staff for combat magic?
  6. The only reason I even train it is for prerequisites (quests requirements, unlocking equipment, etc.) Otherwise, yea, there's not much point.
  7. The higher level metals are more difficult to work with, which is why similar items of a metal tier are higher up the scale. Making a bronze dagger would be a much different process than making a rune dagger because of the different properties of the metals. As for working with cold metal, why do we assume the metal is cold? When does our avatar put the bar into water to cool it? Molten glass doesn't cool into lumps of glass in our banks, and by the same token, lit light sources don't burn out in our banks either. Pets don't starve, containers of water don't evaporate, etc. My point is, nitpicking the unrealistic mechanics of one aspect of the game is kinda pointless when there are far worse offenders around. Besides, it's a game, it's not supposed to match up perfectly with reality; yes, the function of coal is overly simplified from its real world inspiration, but that's not a bad thing since including more realism in that aspect would harm the gameplay more than aid it. Combat -and by extension healing - is also overly simplified from its real world inspiration but if people are suggesting adding crippling wounds, gangrene and realistic healing times and methods to make it more like real life, then they obviously don't get how games work.
  8. "which offer Agility XP to the nimble naturalist." Just wanted to point out that the word they wanted to use there was "naturist" since a "naturalist" is also known as a "nudist". Unless there's hordes of players out there farming in the buff...
  9. You go type that in the Notes in-game. Okay, I did just for sheer, morbid curiosity and it auto-changes the note to "wanna bet?" Nice, gave me a laugh.
  10. So, the conclusion I draw from this is, stop doing whatever it is you're doing that they think is gold farming?
  11. Got a Daily challenge to plant an herb seed; didn't feel like messing with the main herb patches since they all had stuff growing already so I 'ported to Trollweiss to use My Arm's patch. I arrived at the exact same time as another person who was apparently heading the same direction, but we both decided to take different routes. I followed the windy path down where he took the Agility shortcuts; I expected him to get to the ladder leading into the mountain way before me since he was using the shortcuts. He didn't. In fact, despite my wearing much heavier equipment than him, I actually got to the ladder first. Once inside, he easily outpaced me, but when he took the "shortcuts", I was able to run right past him while he was still stuck halfway through the climbing animations. So I guess the lesson here is, use the shortcuts if you want the EXP, but if you're looking to save time, just go the "long" way since it's apparently faster.* *Okay, the real lesson here is Jagex needs to scale back many of the animations or time them faster. Between that and the "lean" and "stand" animations in Tears of Guthix minigame still being too long (not to mention the many other time-intensive animations that could be made faster, shorter, etc), we're wasting a lot of game time waiting for animations that shouldn't be wasted.
  12. I put my name on the petition, even though I have no interest in it. By no interest, I mean I don't care if it goes forward or not since it will have exactly zero impact on me. I do know that there are a core group of players who are quite passionate about this, so I said yes for their sakes.
  13. In response to M.I...AFK? I play Runescape, somewhat ironically, to get away from people and the annoyances of interacting with them. I'm a very introverted person and am one of those people who play with all my chat filters set to Off. It also helps to keep me from getting distracted whether I'm doing a quest, finishing up a Daily Challenge or just training a skill that I feel I need to work on. If I want social interaction, I'll pick up my phone and text or call someone I know in real life as opposed to chatting to an avatar of someone I've never met and could be lying about who they are.
  14. I need someone (or several someones) to confirm this, but I think I may have found a way to prevent accidentally triggering traps in the pyramid run portion toward the end of Desert Treasure. The first few times I tried it, I was fully kitted with armor from the boss fights and because I didn't know what kinds of dangers to expect inside the pyramid, but I kept triggering traps, sometimes on the top floor. I'm not sure why I thought to do it, but I banked everything I was carrying except for some Energy Pots and Super Antipoisons, put on my Enchanted Water Tiara and Boots of Lightness and tried the run again. This time, I didn't trigger a single trap and the only things that stopped me were the occasional Scarab or Mummy randomly coming out of a crypt. I'm thinking the traps that drop you outside may be triggered by the total weight you're carrying, but since I've only tried the low-weight method once, it would be helpful if others could try to replicate my results by running the pyramid with heavy and low weights, preferably people who are doing the quest. If weight has nothing to do with it and my experience was a fluke, then so be it, but if it's replicable, people doing this quest would benefit from that info.
  15. OH yea, hey, there's the November BTS announcing it. Okay, this can be closed now. Thanks.
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