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  1. Regarding Article 2. 1." Now, even the achievement of reaching level 99 in all skills has come and gone " Seriously are you bloody kididng me? I have been playing runescape since 2003 (king_giovas (1 space)), my account king__giovas ( 2 spaces ) I started when rs2 came out.. I have put hundreds of hours into this game and I still have the following goals left till im 99 in all skills 90/99 rc 69/99 hunter 90/99 herb 50/ 99 dung Sure 99s have got easier but what you said was total grabage making it as if all my acheivments are nothing special anymore. In Chronological Order: 99 Fletch, did this in 2006 before skillcapes came out, 200k per hour 99 attack, killed bassilisk for 40k xp an hour for the waters and nats 99 defence, killed daganoths for 55k xp an hour will merchanting pure essence 99 strength and hp, killed daganoths 99 magic, high alching, 50-60k an hour 99 woodcutting, cutting willows at 40k xp an hour in f2p 99 prayer, spent all my money at the time on dragon bones, 300k an hour 99 firemaking, burnt willows at the grandechange, 100k an hour I could go on with the rest, but you see my point. Currently: rcing nats for 20k xp an hour cause I need the money for 99 herblore I put hundreds of hours in my account, and sure more people have 99in all skills since like 2005. But In 3-4 months I will reach my 8 year goal of 99 in all skills. I usualy dont post much on tip.it, just lurk. but to the person that wrote that times really annoyed me. screw you man. I have put allot into this who are you to say that what i have done can be done by anyone easily.
  2. Hey I have played for 6 months ill be starting up again next week :)
  3. lol it works like normal> lame
  4. it doesnt come up for me the warlock gear isnt in his :"shop "
  5. At the moment, nothing glorious or glamarous really, just training herblore to low 90s, then getting 99fishing. I feel like a warlord who has been in countless fights (over 100m mele xp) and now i have retired my sword and am just relaxing on the easy things in life like fishing :)
  6. Within the light whilst fun an enjoyable did not really offer me a signifant development in the Elf/Mourner storyline. I am a huge quest buff and the elf quests have always been my favourite. Upon seeing the system update I was very excited that I would be entering the great elf city of Prifddinas after four years of waiting (Mourning's End Part II), also this quest was a massive 100 quests after regicide. These two bits of information show that Jagex is always dipping its hands into different projects and quest storylines and not really following through and finishing quest lines (Dorgeshan quest arc the exception amongst two or three very minor quest lines). Now don't get me wrong I love suspense at the end of quests, however 90% of users can agree having to wait four years for an elf quest does not build suspense, rather players just forgot about the lore and history of the elfs. The elfs fade from memory like the elfs of middle earth :( This is the reason jagex released "Within the Light", it is not a development of the storyline, rather it is a 30min recap on what we forgot in the last four years while jagex created a plethora of new quest series about penguins etc. Im not saying too "remove the quest" at all, rather im saying that this quest should not have existed as Jagex should have had more regular instalments of elf quests over the years for us long term players. In 2008 Jagex had a very succeful and interesting quest series. That was the "summer/spirit beast" series. The first quest built up a huge amount of suspense, and the next quest was not a huge wait and I think at the time it was the most eager I had been to complete a quest upon release. Other players can agree that the wait between the two quests was perfect, and a great reward too! However as prior mentioned, there was no real excitment and there was alot of talking to the npc about my now ancient adventures in the elf lands. If Jagex want to redem what I would describe as a "failed opporunity" then Jagex need to release the next instalment in at least early December, as I am aware a large reason that there was a four year wait was that the developer of the elf quests had left Jagex for four years. While your at it, opening up the Elf city is not a big ask, as it was aluded too by jagex back in the days of rsc when undergorund pass first came out. Jagex have been doing a great job of late. They listened to their players and realised that high level updates are what the high level and medium level community like. Now they need to realise that players love to close books on their adventures, and whilst they have done so with a few series, there are still soo many quest lines that I would like to see finished. Please jagex, you alredy made a 30min quest for the elf storylines, it makes no sense to do so anymore and especialy with the low level mahjarat quests. Lucien has been confirmed by Jagex staff on the official forums as one of the "main instigators of evil" in runescape, so please it makes no sense that after confornting Lucien and touching the stone of Jas that the quest line has gone backwards from a grandmaster quest to a series of fill in quests that do not have the dificuly or satisfation of WGS. In concluding my little ramble/lame rant, what are your thoughts. Are you a newer player that has only recently finished Mourning's End Part II, thus found the quest enjoyable? Or are you an older player maybe and you didn't really mind the recap? What are your thoughts, feel free to disagree, my best weapon at the moment is my enhanced excalibur 2, so dont be scared to tell me how much of a noob I am :)
  7. (waves) Hey there hows it going fellow tip.iters, When your at the GE or a major place don't you love overhearing others conversations? Alot of the time it revolves around the Runescape skill they are doing at the time and usually it is revealed that they will be going for 99 in the skill. Now I think it is interesting that most people love going straight from say, 80 cons to 99 in a couple of weeks, rather than being content with 95 cons for example. Why is this? Well in my opinion it all started late 2006 when the 99capes came out. Now it is part of runescape "culture" to go for a 99 skill and have a subsequent "party" So what are yout thoughts on why people go straight for 99? Is it because of the great guides making skills easier? Is it because of the capes? What are your thoughts on this, i myself am 96 cons at the moment, going for 99, reason: the room limits :P happy scapin! [title edit ~ Um Bong0]
  8. deciding to quit rs last year and dropping like 500m+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w446sXqtnoM here is a link to my largest drop party last year b4 i quit and had a 2month break (started again with nothing)
  9. Hmm, im sitting in the office at work bored, thought I would make some suggestions for some prayers, tell me what you think of them:) The thing with alot of the prayers is that they have been arround since the days of classic. There are the equivalnt prayers for range and magic now, this was a huge unbalance in the past when it was only mele that received bonuses from prayer. What prayer needs is to give it both combat and non combat upgrades. Also I like it how piety/chivalry required a quest, I dont like the idea of high level items, eg whip, barrows not having a quest requirment, i beleive if you want to be the "strongest" in a fight you should be a well traveled adventurer that has become powerful through his travels, rather than a rich merchant. :P Here are some little prayers that I think would be cool: Legendary Strength: Increases Strength by 28%, requires legend's quest, level 72 *note,can be used with other prayers, pretty much the upgrade of ultimate strength Mithril Skin: Increases Defence by 35%, requires completion of while Guthix Sleeps *ability unlocked when using dragonkin key with a mithril dragon), level 76 *note, can be done with other prayers, pretty much the upgrade of steel skin *i could continue with examples for range, attack etc but ill let someone else have some fun :) Here are some little non combat prayers that would be cool: "Noble Savage" - Level 83 Prayer, and 83 Hunter *Whilst this prayer is activated increases the players prayer level by 22%, it has the same prayer drain rate as "superhuman strength", requires completion of quest "hero's quest"
  10. Ok, I have already posted here and I am going to make this constructive feedback. 1. Lately Runescape have focused alot on high level updates. As a high level player I love this and there is nothing more I enjoy than having something to aim for. High level updates of late include: agility upgrades, living cavens (minning, cooking, fishing) and now this. It is clear jagex are working on fixing older skills and it is only a matter of time to when we see upgrades for other skills such as smithing for example which is a very outdated skill. 2. What I do not like about the skill, was that it kind of looks like a "half done upgrade". Im not at all trying to troll, but there were no new graphics, just recoloured potion images, its just a string of coding, not that much work all things considered, please dont get angry, thats just my opinion. 3. Max hits are soaring, and I agree with alot of pkers in saying that now herblore could in a way be considered a combat skill, it indirectly makes you more powerful in combat than someone unable to make the potions. Im not sure if i like or not like this. 4. it makes sense that someone with a high herblore would be able to drink better potion than someone with a low level, i would have liked to see maybe some non-combat "super potions", eg a potion that would make you 40kg leighter for 20mins (thats just an example I made up on the spot), or maybe a super fishing potion that increases the rate of fishing by 20% or something. 5. I dont think the choice of items was very good. There are alot of "junk" items in the GE, this update was a good oportunity to get rid of alot of them, here is an example. again made on the spot: use knife on willows l (u) will yield an item called "willow bow pieces" or something, then this could have been added as the extra ingrediant for the "extreme range potion" rahter than grenwall spikes, correct me if im wrong, but im sure there is alot more junk consisting of willow l (u) than those spikes. 6. Also its funny I was planning on getitng 90+ herby after i get 99 cons (curently 95), now i highly doubt I will be able to buy the supplies in GE for a while, ahh well, herby my last buyable, and after 99 hunt etc i sohuld have enough to cover the cost of my last buyable skill :P
  11. Here is my first post on the new forums, hope im doing it right :P anways with the new spec pot, it inceases spec by 25% and no, u can spam click it 4 time to get 100% there is a limit. however items such as dark bow are 55% this means that one can spec, drink pot,. and spec again. very overpowered in my opinion, especialy if the ranger has had an extreme range potion, hiting well over 45s
  12. mate im really sorry to hear about your circumstance and stll being able to give me a reply. i really thanks you, and i hope your ok
  13. call off sick for 3 days. spend all 3 of those days in castlewars :)
  14. yeas please! IO applaud jagex for an amazing q/a, this was very long and indepth. it did not beat around the bush, i am really amazed! with these great updates comming out i have no chance in finishing my uni degree :P
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