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  1. I have been a log time player of multiple MMOs, Runescape, STO, WoW, chief among them, and to see this update on the near horizon I really want to add my own two cents to the topic. When I think about this update, the only thing I can possibly notice is the sheer logical fallacy that adding a few buttons to push will make the game, in any way shape or form, skill based. Almost every MMORPG in existance has gone along with the "multiple buttons, multiple moves" strategy and with the simplicity of runescape's combat (no set classes, gear being overarching and available to everyone etc.) it will boil down to a set formula that can be modified to certain scenarios. Allow me to explain. Boss Hunting: there is a very simple way to test which method, or rotation, of abilities will be the best to kill a boss, perhaps variable with the weapon, but a set rotation nonetheless. Is it faster to spam max adrenaline regen abilities until an ulti or should you be using thresholds? After 100 or so boss kills, one person using the first rotation and another using the second will compare how many drops they won compared to each other using the same gear and stat booster potions. with this knowledge, they will continue to dominate kills until another person either figures it out, the knowledge is leaked, or both. From then on the only thing that is changing is more activity on the keyboard. PvP: PvP in runescape is deceptive in that its play is simple, however managing spells, eating, weapon swapping, and potions requires concentration and nerve. With the new update, spell interrupts (lets call them kicks) come into play, which will likely have the largest impact. All that this means is that you can block important spells now. Perhaps this requires "skill" in knowing when to kick, however it will certainly not be difficult to know which particular spell takes priority. As far as the whole dual-wielding thing goes, I don't even know where to begin. Fact of the matter is, as things stand if you are dual-wielding a hard counter (PvE or PvP) then whatever is on the receiving end is dying. Perhaps hybriding adds some complications, but this I think brings up the key logical falacy in the combat update. Complexity and needless complications =/= skill. The same way with the efficiency debates that raged on a year or so ago, as soon as one person figures out the best way to do something, everyone will either copy or die. All it takes is 5 minutes reading whatever posted guide to learn it.
  2. In my humble opinion farming is the exception that proves the rule, what do you do in between the farming runs... I certainly hope its not watching grass grow (pun intended). In those 80 minutes you could either skill or monster hunt, so which one would be greater profit. As for the shift of the focus being towards combat, you just proved it. Fast skilling xp (as stated previously as well) and high profit from combat.... its what everyone wanted now why does it feel so wrong?
  3. Lets think here, I've seen plenty of level 30s making 200K an hour at flesh crawlers which with an equivalent fishing level they wouldn't even come close to that amount. Furthermore, how on earth can you discount green dragons, specters, aviansies and their ilk? Thats probably the biggest part of monster hunting. As for those with high levels, they can do activities such as barrows, gwd, td's and high level slayer monsters that simply just blow skilling out of the water. The point is that in order to make more money than someone your level doing spectres, drags etc they would have to have like 99 hunter and be no-lifing grenwalls or some such. Even then, tds would put them to shame Now, as for the "afk value of fishing" or whatever that you seem to put in such high regard, Its obvious that giant skeletons or bandits might be more your speed.
  4. To be honest, I enjoy the new items and all that came with them Perhaps the books aren't that great in stats, same with the rune, robes, or druidic for that matter. I'd imagine comparing the original god vestments to mystic robes would make them seem inferior as well. That said, I enjoy the flavor far more than the stats. Granted this may be just me as a fantasy writer at heart but the unveiling of these new items acknowledges a part of Gielinor's past that had been neglected for far too long. I remember bringing it up to a group of friends about a year ago that I want some new Armadyl items such as trimmed rune :thumbsup: As for the godbows, I have hated crossbows for a long, long time and finally I get an alternative should I so choose. As for the items not mentioned, I can't wait to get my hands on some ornamental kits. Furthermore making firelighters trade-able are a huge nod to fixing old wrongs. For those of you who weren't around, firelighters used to be trade-able but they were used for scamming so much that they were removed from trade, much like the leaf-bladed spear. Could this fore-tell more rights to old wrongs Lets also not forget some of the more useful things in the update such as the plethora of new gwd protect items. Lots of higher level players hate em for that reason but hey, lets give those with smaller banks a break. So thus, I enjoy the update but as for the uselessness of the dragon masks, druidic robes etc... WHAT ELSE DO YOU EXPECT FROM A DISTRACTION AND DIVERSION? Its supposed to be a fun, pointless break from the game... isn't that what all the costumes, colorful fires, masks, and emote enhancers have been about?
  5. Thank you everyone but I have made my decision and am with Tal Shiar :thumbsup:
  6. I have a question, I checked out your site and I was genuinely intrigued by the whole caste/class system. You seem to base your clan heavily upon wars, how often do you war?
  7. Hey (everybody)... I'm looking for a high level members Community and/or Boss Hunting clan, preferably 110 or 115+. I am combat level 131 with 1800 total, if you are looking for specific skills, tell me and I'll post a stat picture. -First things first, give me an obnoxiously long, copy/pasted message and I will not even consider you. I know what they look like. -I look for maturity, respect, and overall restraint in a clan. -I don't PK at all... -I have been in leadership positions in a few major clans and I am willing to give it another shot if it feels right -Thank you for your time, I'll let you know when I make my decision
  8. I see you on my profile good sir.

  9. Hey Trinox, We are primarily a USA based clan but we do have members from new zealand so I think Righteous Wrath would be a good fit. We have a lot of knowledgeable and up to date players and we aren't the snooty kind either; we'd be happy to help you out anytime and run bosses with you. Now I'm not going to bombard you with graphics, technical information etc, but if you are interested in Righteous Wrath, we are a high-leveled community clan that has stat requirements built mainly around monster hunting You can visit our tip.it recruitment thread by CLICKING HERE and any other information should be in my signature. If you are interested, please either post in this thread, our recruitment thread, or send me a private message. Thank you for your time and I hope you give Righteous Wrath a try.
  10. Hello Reuben, First off all I would like to start off by saying that yes, your stats are rather impressive and my clan, Righteous Wrath would love to have you. We have a very selective recruitment policy regarding maturity so rest assured that with us there will be no childish behaviour or otherwise innane drama that clutters up our forums or cc. I too have been in clans that had too much drama and immaturity, which led me to found my own, better clan. Now I'm not going to bombard you with graphics, technical information etc, but if you are interested in Righteous Wrath, we are a high-leveled community clan that centers around minigames like soul wars (we pride ourselves on combat levels and slayer) and we like to do boss runs (mainly godwars) as often as we can. You can visit our tip.it recruitment thread by CLICKING HERE and any other information should be in my signature. If you are interested, please either post in this thread, our recruitment thread, or send me a private message. Thank you for your time and good luck. I hope you find a good clan to call home
  11. I appreciate your offer but apparently I wasn't clear, we are already in a clan and we are looking for a gwd team only (if such a thing exists)
  12. Well here's basically my situation. I'm pretty much fed up with my clan and their attendance at god wars so thus me and another member decided to look for a legit GWD team. My RS display name is Lord Caspen, look me up if you want my stats or click the little name on my profile. I know I have crap for summoning and prayer but I lost a load of money a long time ago, took a break, and now starting playing again. So thus I can't afford a lot of stuff people my level are "supposed" to have. I offer a strong and reliable member to any team and I will be happy to tank for a team that is numerous and knows what the heck they are doing. As for my friend, his RS display name is Phil Niekro (if you want stats) He's a good and reliable team player, I can attest to that. If you would like to offer one or both of us a spot please either post here, email me, pm me, or message me in game. Thank you
  13. I actually think this is a great idea and I have asked myself the same question... Full support here @ all doubters, would you even know about rs if it wasn't in English and if you did then would you play? I think Spanish would open up a massive customer base.
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