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  1. I think adding coin piles to be 64 bit would cause a large increase on the load of servers. All 64 bits are proccessed EVERY time the server does anything with coins (even if it's just 1 coin dropping from a goblin). Then there would be decision of whether or not to give this increased limit to items aswell. Aside from that, I don't really even see the problem. As you've pointed out, there are ways around the money cap (just got this as a random though, but perhaps shard packs could be used?) and the audience for this update is almost nothing. The game wasn't intended for cash hording, if that's what people enjoy then so be it, but that doesn't mean it should be updated at the expensive of other players.
  2. [spoiler=Reward info (explained)]Very usefull - it's a watering can which never runs out. Should save alot of hastle. Along with no more raking weeds, farming got alot less frustrating (in my opinion) Asside from that, great quest, although somewhat short. Final fight was pretty fun, but everything seemed so weak, I was hit for a total of like 250LP during that fight (which went for like... 15mins, since I'm not good at healing lol). Mage prayer was definetly the way to go though, for anyone whos in trouble. (I won't say anymore (;)
  3. Would you rather be able to color some relevant but useless item, like say, most of the penance armor you get there? Be happy Jagex are (sometimes) able to make a distinction of Gameplay > What-makes-sense.
  4. Nothing can ever be as bad as evony. The only reason evony even exists is because they hired a half-naked model for an ad-campaign (note: there are no women npcs or queens in the actual game).
  5. Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. :thumbup: ... Until you realise everything you missed out on. It's OK to set apart a significant amount of time to enjoy yourself, but any reasonable person will know there must be limits. I'm not going to go on about how people have wasted their lives, have no lives etc. etc., but if anyone is proud of these sorts of "feats" they need to grow up and do some self-reflection. Myself, I have 170 days which is pretty darn insignificant compared to others but I'm still somewhat ashamed of it. I wouldn't take doing it back, but I certainly would change how I spread that time out, if I could.
  6. Both are pretty horrible/outdated spots (they used to be great spots years ago, just not so much anymore). You really should look into armoured zombies or zombie monkies. If you're going for a 99, it really is worth getting the requirements for zombies, or at least training at monkies. If you still want to train in one of your two spots, just go with bandits so you don't have to bother with getting monsters aggressive.
  7. There was never a dilema to begin with, fremmy rings have always been the way to go for slayer. Now fericious rings are even better. Rings of wealth work, but they're junk - Exp > Cash. The point of saying that is...? Anyway, i'd stick with the Ferocious Ring myself. I never saw any increase in goodies while wearing a RoW. The point? The point is we know extremely little about the Ring of Wealth, and yet everyone is slinging about ideas as if they're fact. I could easily say that the Ring of Wealth is far better then the Ferocious Ring. It has a 30% chance increase for all rare drops! All we know as of now, is that the RoW increases your chances for a rare drop, small drops are not effected, and clues are set apart from both normal and rare drops into their own category. Anything else said about the RoW is complete and utter Jarate. The reason we know so little about it is because of how useless it is. If it was useful it would need to have a NOTICEABLE effect. Some people claim it works because "omg i got 2 rune scimmys on my first fire giant task without ROW and 3 on my next task with a ROW!!! IT WORKS!!" - obviously that's absoloutely meaningless because of the way probability works. Row has never been worth taking anywhere except perhaps to a boss fight, if even that. It's unfortunate it's like this but exp is what gets you along in RS not cash. Even so, offensive rings increase kill speed, increasing drops. Effectively, you have yourself a two in one ring when you bring a fremmy/ferocious ring.
  8. That picture really reminds me of guild wars: Factions :mellow: I wouldn't analyze it too much though, it could just be a cool picture they made to attract new players.
  9. If you can use a combat familiar and finish a task in one trip, always do so. If you would need to make a bank trip without the extra healing from a healing familiar, then don't bother with the combat familiar. Also, don't rush to 95-99 if it means selling your bank out. Looking at iron titan and above I can see they have a noticable increase in power, but they aren't ALOT stronger than a geyser (geyser has ranged attacks too :P) There's problem an exception or two to this rule, like killing waterfiends in the chaos tunnels, but it's a good rule to go by.
  10. How could anyone choose? I've heard a lot of whining recently about Jagex, but when you look back at the updates this year there have been some truly awesome things released into the game. I'd never make my mind up on which specific update, but I think the best updates were all the high level content which gives everyone something to shoot for. I'm talking about things like the herblore update, curses (prayer), living rocks (mining/fishing. To a lesser extent, cooking), agility and the Ardy elite diary. Although RS-HD and summoning will always give the other years a run for it's money as the best RS year in upgrades, this year is definetly right up there.
  11. Your title is pretty misleading... Weak =/= week. I can't tell which one you meant :-| No matter... I had a friend who camped aviansies on a berserker pure. I came down to kill with him and he really didn't get hit all that hard, was pretty surprising. However I do not think you could do a week worth of camping in one go. B2P, EE (can pures get these? If so, bring it) and a healing familiar can keep you up and going for a long time (By the way, my friend didn't even have the EE or summoning and he did fine for a few hours there). However because you have 45 defence you have to focus on defence bonus rather than attack bonus which slows down exp and cash somewhat, and makes you easy prey for kill stealers.
  12. A BoB works for pretty long, although a unicorn lets you camp. Once you feel that you can handle the micro-management of all of it remember to bring an elemental titan pouch + scrolls in your BoB, it'll extend your trips by a long time if you can prayer switch fast (EE is invalueable aswell. Not really worth bringing a damaging special attack. SGS isn't all too great here). Good luck on the drops, forgetting about them is the best thing you can do. Less disapointment on dry runs and even more exciting when you do get them :mrgreen:
  13. I've always considered a duo or trio better in every way than solo, if you can find reliable people (Do it with friends rather than random RSOF people). A duo more than doubles the time you spend there which is really useful for gp/hr since it takes a while to withdraw consumables/run to gw/get kill count. Neither would I recommend doing this solo with a connection and computer that are almost 100% reliable, it's pretty much impossible to get back in time without a blessed grave. When TD's came out I decided to solo them, despite having a bad connection at the time. I lost 3 karil tops and heaps of other valuable stuff by the end of the month because I kept on going back hoping for a drop that would pay for it all :-|
  14. The plane is nice once you find a certain few spots in it. I'm not going to reveal them (wouldn't even know how to describe them) but do some exploring and you'll find them. Careful not to pick a spot with the aggresive abyssal monsters, the two lower leveled types won't attack you unless you have a very low combat for a lvl 85 slayer. If you want to go to the tower, there's one very important thing to remember which everyone else never does (why? I don't know... Perhaps they're a lil' stupid after watching me KS them a hundred times). Bring AIR STRIKES. the auto cast update made it a little less convinient but it's still worth it. When you're waiting for spawns, have air strike at the ready. Almost everyone there uses melee so you should be able to get pretty much every single abby demon spawn. Crowding issue = Solved.
  15. Good memories? I still have nightmares about having to stand in w2 fally typing my way to carpal tunnel. There are some great things to reminisce about in RuneScape - this ain't one of 'em. As for the prices, I'm surprised to see so many items that actually are similar to what we have today - it's not like the economy back then is totally unrecognisable compared to today, which is the way some people make it seem.
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