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  1. OH MY BLEEPING GOD!!!!! 2nd VIDDD!!!!!! AMMFGGG AND HYT CHANNEL IS SHOWN THERE TOO <3 GRATZ 999th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Second clip.... round 0:37 - 0:39.... who is dat i see that just logged out :D? does dis consider 999 famous :x? n01's perfect vid... 41k views alrdy.
  3. -sigh- thinks thinks thinks.... uhrr what do i wana be :s..... hmmm....hmmm some more.... oooh yesss "The Lurker" plox <3
  4. I wana join the Harpies :D? and edit: isn't harpies like a series of yu-gi-oh cards :x?
  5. 0.0 theres jagex staff involved in tif? and wuts a harpy?

  6. That was beautiful. Especially liked the PM guy trying to buy claws for 10m. whats it called ;-; youtube isnt working for me @ all atm and i wana make sure i watch it later :(
  7. i lost 50m to that aaylar liez guy so i donated 50m to suomi too <3
  8. rapier is the new whip <3 stab inclusive <3 basically its the new dominant tranining weapon
  9. 1. i do too <3 2. go look on youtube 3. my brother has a macbook pro that cost him 1.1 grand and he loves it. 4. meh, 3 hrs?
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