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  1. we miss you <3

  2. Tell Mod Chrisso to start logging back in please? :(

  3. It's been too long. hi

  4. Daily fansite round -- eh?

  5. Ahha! I have discovered who you are! ;D

    (with a little help from a good friend I have).

  6. Ooh a jagex staff member,whats your user?

  7. Hey eddy I just want to say i'm sorry for what happened last night. I didn't know you felt that way about Darkdude and I don't want to get in the way of your relationship.


  8. Should definitely comment on the Tip.it times :o

  9. 0.0 theres jagex staff involved in tif? and wuts a harpy?

  10. You should have a green name, green names are awesome. :thumbup:

  11. Convert to being a harpie please? <3

    We have cookies and pancakes.

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