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  1. Forget what everyone thinks. I got mine 99, and it's my first and only 99. I may also have 4 other skills that are in the 90's but it doesn't matter. People can hate all they want, don't listen to everyone else.
  2. Strange, it just barely crashed for me. I was 2 tasks away from finishing all the tasks in Lumbridge too <_<
  3. So, I am currently back to p2p, but I only have about 800k cash. I have a dragon scimitar (lame i know), firecape, torso, and rune defender. (Melee) And I have full black d'hide, a rune c'bow, and 2k mith bolts. (Range) I was wondering if there was any decent money making methods (through PVM) that I could use to get money? Making magic longs take forever because the magic logs are impossible to get.
  4. I am in search of a fun & active skilling clan. I may only have a total level of 171 as of right now, but that's because I just started my skiller. I will in no way be a burden to the clan seeing as I know what I am doing and can hold my own. I won't be asking for money, or help at all. I am just looking for a group of people to enjoy skilling with. If you want to follow my Skiller Blog go here.
  5. I remember being lured into the wild back in 07' - lost around 2m (which was a lot for me back then) but I think that was the last time i ever got scammed, and I've made over 80m since then. Ah, the good ole' days..
  6. Welcome to my F2P Skiller Blog Introduction My name is Miracle, I am 17. I have been playing Runescape since late 2005, and I have been on and off since then. I come from a small town in Southern California where nothing really happens often. I just finished my Junior year in High School, but I will be home-schooled next year due to health issues within the family. I made my skiller account today actually. I was bored and thought "I want to start from scratch!" I have the next few months off before home-schooling begins and I won't have as much time to play anymore. My goal is to get as many f2p stats to 70+ and hopefully get at least one 99 stat. I will update this blog at the end of every day to show my progress as it moves on these next few months. Current Stats Today's Goals - Thursday June 16th, 2011 80 Crafting 50 Runecrafting 30 Mining 50 Smithing Quests To Complete Black Knight's Fortress Ernest The Chicken Goblin Diplomacy Gunnar's Ground Myths of the While Lands Pirate's Treasure Prince Ali Rescue Quests Completed Cook's Assistant Doric's Quest The Knight's Sword The Restless Ghost Rune Mysteries Shield of Arrav Swept Away Unstable Foundations
  7. So, currently I am looking to find the best way to 99 hunter. Sadly, I am only level 21 right now. Could anyone give me some kind of info on what to hunter for each level? Example: 21 - 23 Ruby Harvest Or something along those lines. I am having trouble figuring out what would be best. I am a skiller though, so keep that in mind when giving advice please.
  8. Happy birthday to youu :3

  9. Aviansies..? I was thinking slayer, but I need gear first. I've sadly only got about 500k. Thanks, i was too.
  10. So I've been on runescape since 2005, but i quit for a year or so. I currently don't know how to make money, and any suggestions would be helpful. These are my current stats on my P2P account.
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