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  1. I'm only 90 wc -_- I'm jealous. :(
  2. So I was thinking "Tasty, how could you embarass yourself today?" This is what I did :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ov9MjtgEiY That IS me! :D
  3. I enjoy the skill, and I like the cape too ^^ Where does that put me?
  4. I have 97 cooking, and I'm going for 99, but I heard that cooking capes are "stupid, nooby, gay, not worth it, cheating, too easy" It's very discouraging for me, because I was looking foward to 99 cooking and the skillcape, but I'm afraid players will think that by wearing the cape I'm being arrogant, but I really want to wear the cape because I really like it! I got 99 for these reasons: First 99 Skillcape Useful to my clan Contributes to total level More respect Should I get 99 cook?
  5. I like the little opening thing with your username and channel link :D
  6. IntelĀ® CoreTM 2 Duo (up to 2.6-GHz, 6-MB L2 cache), IntelĀ® CoreTM 2 Duo (up to 2.4-GHz, 3-MB L2 cache) NVIDIA Quadro NVS 320M with 256 MB of video memory (512-MB TurboCache) DDR2 SDRAM, 667-MHz, two SODIMM slots supporting dual channel memory12, 1024/2048-MB
  7. Luvin the Rebecca Black song refrence in the desc.
  8. Middleschool math is hard :o *cough cough* I think I deserve an A+ for my awesome math skillz. :shades: WOOT 99 MATH
  9. I mean, percentage-wise. I think 92's halfway, so what's 95?
  10. What is the cheapest, fastest XP fish to buy from G.E. to cook? I'm going from 95-99 with NO cooking gauntlets. If anyone's fishing sharks and want to make a profit, let me know, and I'll cook your raw sharks and give 'em back to you for free :) Also, I'm selling the fish back to G.E.
  11. I'd take in all my runes, because RC'ing's a pain in the butt.
  12. Hi, I'm Tasty Snaxx. My RuneScape username is also Tasty Snaxx. My private's always on, I'm approaching 99 cooking, currently 94 :D Feel free to add me in game!
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