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  1. Althalus

    Electronic Music

    I saw him live last weekend. Amazing set, amazing show. This song was performed with SOFI. It was good with her in it and probably just as good without her. I used to just like deadmau5 but after seeing his live performance he's gone up a couple of points in my book.
  2. So the only difference between the MSI and the ASUS is the amount of storage space and the dedicated graphics? Just to clarify "light" gaming: I meant games that aren't graphics heavy. I'm a pretty casual gamer so do you think spending the extra $80-$100 on a dedicated graphics card is worth it or just save my money? I'm not too worried about the storage space, I have a 1TB external which is more than enough.
  3. Hey Everyone, I don't post in here often but I was wondering if I could get some opinions on the laptops listed below. I would say I'm moderately computer literate but I'm sure there are many more people here who are much more experienced. The computer would primarily be used for school/personal use (e.g. music, tv and movies) and some light gaming (nothing that would require an excellent graphics card). IF you do choose to comment and suggest one of the other please give me a reason. Thanks in advance! http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=59580&vpn=K53E%2DB1&manufacture=ASUS http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=61833&vpn=9S7%2D16G522%2D268&manufacture=MSI%2FMicroStar
  4. TV on the Radio - Nine Types of Light. I know I'm a week late, just got it today. The new single "Will Do" sounds amazing.
  5. Even if the shootings didn't happen Sarah Palin's website is inappropriate. I mean, just read the tagline. We've diagnosed the problem...help us prescribe the solution. It was only a matter of time before someone who thinks Sarah Palin is fantastic follows through with it. This guy was just crazy.
  6. Althalus


    This is only a concern to people who creep other profiles. I hardly visit friend's profiles and only read what comes up in my news feed which includes what happens between friends/mutual friends. Do I really care what other conversations my friends are having with people who I don't know? I didn't before Facebook, why should I now?
  7. Althalus


    I drive a 2008 Civic and it has pretty good mileage. My total commute to and from work totals 3 hours. The distance isn't that far, it's the crappy traffic. Everyone works in the city and there's one main bridge to get there so there's a harsh bottleneck effect. My Civic does pretty well though. I would say I average about 30mpg (I've calculated it over a dozen times just out of curiosity). I feel kind of bad having to commute and the amount of pollution I put out but I literally walked/biked/took the bus for 5 years while going to University so I hope it was enough to balance this out.
  8. Saw the midnight premiere. Super impressed with how closely it followed the books storyline. But...(see spoiler). [spoiler=Spoiler!]Although everyone who sees this movie will know about the little piece of mirror Harry holds and uses several times throughout the movie it would've been nice for them to take a couple of seconds out of a 3 hour movie to explain it.
  9. Althalus

    Your Battle Anthem

  10. Maybe this? Thanks Google. I literally searched: "Movie where people travel back in time to watch disasters" http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3526401792/tt0104362
  11. Althalus

    Limewire shut down

    I wonder if the RIAA will reimburse all the artists who lost money or just the record companies? Methinks the latter of the two which is why everyone loathes the music industry.
  12. Is it a memory stick? Or are you happy to see someone. Not me. Someone.
  13. Currently: Nothing Usually: Left pocket: Zune + headphones Right pocket: Cellphone + Keys (Don't worry it's an old flip phone). Back pocket: Wallet
  14. I listen to 5/6 of the artists you mentioned. Gotta check out more of Florence and the Machine. If people want to check out LCD Soundsystem I highly suggest listening to their first album. It's what got me hooked. Love LCD Soundsystem so much and for the longest time no one knew who I was talking about until I played Daft Punk is Playing at My House for them. Then everyone wanted to know more.
  15. Althalus

    Mr. Scruff

    Hey Everyone! So my favorite artist at the moment that I can't get enough of is Mr. Scruff. Some of you may know the song I posted below from Windows 7 release. Well I've been listening to Mr. Scruff's two albums a lot lately and I need more music similar to this style. It's kinda Jazzy/hip-hoppy. Doesn't really matter as long as it sounds similar or in the same taste. If you have any good recommendations I would love to hear them. If not, then just enjoy the video. [spoiler=Mr. Scruff - Kalimba]
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