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  1. I would sacrifice my life/health for my family and my close friends in an instant.
  2. Pre-med, hoping to pursue either peds or neurosurgery. If I go through with neuro, I'll be out of residency as early as 33. :|
  3. KittyKat


    Rare or blue if that's available. There's a primal delightful in eating a good undercooked steak.
  4. As long as they aren't like neon. I would also recommend looking into slim rather than skinny.
  5. I swear I'm going to get shot for saying this, but I bought a pair of crocs. Furthermore, I actually like them. They're lightweight, breathable, easy to clean. I don't wear them in public, instead only for boating or as camp shoes while backpacking.
  6. KittyKat


    Considering this is a respectful discussion, I really don't appreciate you putting words in my mouth. I never said all do, but it's a very common practice to prescribe name brand drugs rather than just-as-effective generics. The doctors that tend to do this aren't bad doctors per say, but they don't put the patient first. They don't bother to spend time researching the types of drugs they can prescribe and instead fall back on the big names. These kind of doctors are also vulnerable to the [cabbage]load of swag and propaganda that pharmaceutical companies pitch at them. There's a reason why some pharmaceutical companies spend more on marketing than on R&D.
  7. KittyKat


    I don't understand why that sickens you? I do enjoy law, but I enjoy other areas more (history, music) but realistically I wouldn't be able to do much with them when I finish my study. While the money starting out in As I mentioned before, I lived in a very poor country where doctors got paid very little. Compared to the business-like structure of hospitals here in the US where doctors aim to prescribe the most expensive, non-generic medicines to get the most money, the doctors there were surprisingly caring, knowledgeable and dedicated to their work. You can't buy some traits. If I knew somebody who went to law school just for the money, I would never hire them because their primary motivation isn't to seek justice.
  8. KittyKat


    I live in one of the most expensive places in the world yet am one of the least materialistic people I know. I'm looking into pursuing peds surgery, specifically trauma or burn which in some cases pays well albeit considerably less than ortho or neuro. Having grown up in a developing nation where doctor's salaries are ridiculously small, I was always taken back by how much they cared about the patients and the quality of care they provided. I'm somewhat sickened by how so many kids want to be doctors and lawyers just because of the pay. Trust me when I say this, rich people are no more happy than those working minimum wage. With that said, I urge that you don't choose a job or a field based on pay and instead do what you truly care about and are interested in.
  9. I'm in love with this backpack: http://shop.herschelsupply.com/shop/pop-quiz-233.html
  10. KittyKat


    If you want to hallucinate and don't want to lose army eligibility or whatever, you can try salvia or syrup.
  11. KittyKat


    A few shots of vodka with heroin or oxy is quite the experience. Though, too much alcohol and respiratory failure becomes a real risk.
  12. Eh. All my favorite people are dead.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mLSeqNS8rs
  14. KittyKat


    If I'm not mistaken, it's hard to know your dosage, so it's easy to overdose, no? If you decide to shoot it, most people start at about 10-30mg, which is 10x less than an overdose. The particular amounts are also dependent on grade, but the lethal threshold doesn't vary all that much. It's generally addicts who have built a stiff tolerance that OD considering they shoot a lot more than someone who uses recreationally.
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