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  1. aeternitatis


    Had the house to myself for the weekend so I had some friends over. We didn't do much, just smoked a bit and hung out and I cleaned up earlier today before my parents got home. My mom got home and [bleep]ed at me for not doing my laundry and other crap, mostly just to be a [bleep]... I really hate living here. I live in a co-op, which is basically just a circle of apartments, and every time I leave all my old pathetic neighbors stare me down for no reason, giving me dirty looks. They do this every time I walk or drive by them and it pisses me off... The people around here are brutally stupid.
  2. Had some fun with this yesterday... Don't mind the screwed up smile lol.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nG0KigmWv48
  4. Meh, I was at 320M cash + my green h'ween still, but some kid bet 120M and I lost. I paid out. I'm starting my own dicing fc, if anyone wants to join send me a PM (TIF or RS). You'll need a minimum of 50M, but ranks are free atm.
  5. [hide] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAKsMnAM8vk [/hide] ...aaand it's gone.
  6. Pretty sure no one here has heard this before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaHM_e0JyVQ I love it. A pure metal-head friend introduced me to the band and I found their acoustic version of this song. I wish I could tab it out myself to learn to play it.
  7. aeternitatis


    Page 1420 B) Haven't been in OT for a little while... Today I played some NHL 12, some RS and some guitar. My neck and shoulders are really tense and sore... I've been stretching all day but it didn't do much. A good friend is teaching me how to fight but I don't see why I would be that sore from a 1h workout-ish. He trained hardcore for like two years in MMA and Muay Thai, won some pretty big fights and taught a bunch of classes at the gym he trained at, then a few weeks before he was leaving for Thailand for 2 years to train he screwed his leg up and was forced to quit fighting. Now, two years later, his leg is okay but he can't fight because it's prone to injury or something, so he's teaching me what he knows. I'll be training with him for a while hopefully, 1 on 1 lessons with pretty much a best friend. I'm thinking of joining the gym he trained at too because I want more people to spar against. It's really fun lol, but enough of that... RPG, did you buy Bullseyes? I don't smoke much but when I do, peach or grape Bullseyes are my favorite.
  8. Congrats. :) I made ~300M yesterday dicing and lost 125M today, no big deal. Bought 99 prayer and Herblore along with all the new boots, 15k dragon darts, 125k Cannonballs and some range slaying gear. Also finished getting another 200k DG tokens to buy my rapier that I lost Pking, but changed my mind and bought Rigour and Mercenary gloves instead. I'll be range-slaying to 99 slayer/range after 99 Herb and prayer. I was planning on getting all the buyable 99s first but I think I'll get the skills I find more difficult (RC, Mining, Agil, 120 Dung) then get the buyables really quickly. I'll post some screenies tomorrow. Oh and to the person asking what FC I dice in, it's Legit Freak.
  9. So I was at the GE on w99 talking to a friend when someone asked me if I wanted a rank in their dicing clan for free. I said sure and started hosting... After an hour I went from a ~50M bank to a 150M bank, then the owner said if I didn't buy the rank I'd lose it and it would become unavailable, so I bought it for 60M. 3 hours later and this is my bank. Completely cleaned another host from the same FC I host in... I'm either buying a H'ween mask or 99 Herb/Pray/Con atm.
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