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  1. I will try my best to join this event :). May I ask two questions though: First what Aura/s should I use? And what melee weapon should I use if a zammy spear is not an option? Guthins warspear has the same str and only 10 less stab bonus while costing about one 6th of the price. Or would a normal dragon spear (P?) be a better option. Worse case I end up using korasi's sword. Thanks :thumbsup:
  2. By the lords of the sky, that is one epic collection there, thank you for finding it. Overall, I like.
  3. This whole thing looks and feels stupid. The animation although well, uhh, animated, is so just cheesy. The rewards are: garbage, more garbage, Not-even-good-enough-to-be-called-garbage and then a bunch of items that you will never get that also dont make any sense. And dont even get me started on the blatant members advertising I at least hope they made it not 100%(theoretically) random, and did put some form of balance in it. By the gods, if it was 100% random, one guy could be rolling 50 million gp a day when someone with just the same level of skill and determination could be bringing in 50 gp a day.
  4. Desire to post is conflicting with desire not to draw the pony...

    I think the desire to post will win...

  5. Am I going to be there? yes. Am I going to make any money? no. Will it be fun? yes. Does the fact I wont gain anything from this make it stupid for me to join in? no. Time to kick some massive feather-covered butt.
  6. Should just be able to put each tier of metal one after another, and that's going by the logic there IS a reason why we cant just shove our rune or dragon ones into it. Oh well, we are still better off then we where before. Edit: oh, and while im at it, they might as well do the same thing for runes if they did it for money and tools. That would save hours of taking out and depositing back in, not to mention the ability to pick up low amounts of runes without wasting invent space when doing stuff like slayer plus the added convince of never having to remember what runes go with what spell and last of all the ability to make magic teleporting more useful. Oh, and RuneCrafting would become slightly less grindy, and by zamorak that is a good thing.
  7. kata Phract. I would never want to host a boss hunting event, but I would love to join in on the helping of the boss destroying.
  8. Instantly think she is totally insane and never get my face on tv. Although I would still try to profit from it. What would you do if Pinkamena broke the 4th wall too bring the end of the world?
  9. /\ You could say that depending on how you look at things because I do try to see things from an outside point of view to get a feel for the scientific stance it has relative to the context of the situation. < Is obsessed with ponies way too much. \/ Has spent over 4 hours watching and/or listening to PMVs.
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