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  1. I have same problem... with 3mill though thinking of putting everything in prayer. It's a time consuming skill, I'd get my prayer up to 52 other skills aren't so money-involved in f2p. Mining comes for free, makes money, smithing is useless (steel bars make money if you want to make those), ranged is very cheap in the end, magic is useless beyond level 59, runecrafting is... painfull... cooking comes along with fishing, fm and woodcutting is together (but you really don't need FM except for just total levels).. So... My suggestion is either Prayer or god armour of your choise
  2. Dragon is non-smithable. Dragon is a quite rare drop. This would render Dragon useless really.. keep in mind, rune still needs 85 mining :F you'd need to massively lower the mining lvls for already existing ores. JaGeX doesn't do that. I have an idea. An update, where you can add decorations (may I say... [bleep]ES!) to your armor to make it look cooler. Might give a small bonus in slash/stab/strength, but not a very big. after customizing it all, maybe around 3-5 points in each? and every [bleep]e needs maybe 2-3 bars.
  3. aimed for people at 20's will propably mean a more complicated gameplay, and younger players will propably have difficulties with playing the game, and propably don't want to play it anymore. Think of a strategy game, (although I've liked strategy games since I was like 12) it might not be so fun to play them when you're young. You'd propably rather play a more simple game..
  4. okay, hehe. sounds interesting Cyber-Wars well, that doesn't look so encouraging, but who knows, only time will tell. well, an space mmorpg, not like it's been done before. There's a few that are supposed to be space MMORPG's and some have been quite good games. But mainly, from what I've discovered, is that Space mmorpg's usually have two types of weapons: -Futuristic weapons (guns, laser beams, plasma guns etc etc...) -futuristic medievel weapons (Light sabers, swords made of some weird metal) I myself would hope for the later option, though I think guns can make a good game, but doesn't quite appeal me in the same way.. I'm going to test it, that's for sure, I like the idea of a bit more mature game community. And I sure hope there's going to be maybe a year or so of only F2P, no membership in beginning.. (they can give some f2p skills, would only be fair to the players who come later into the game, so they can do a few skills, not just like combat)
  5. I believe, that when you finally do get 99 in a skill, it'll be a huge reliefment. I myself will go hang around with my friends when I get it, instead of doing other skills. I'm doing it already, although my strength is only 89... Wow, I can't Believe I said "My strength is ONLY 89"! I feel now though that every level I achieve (especially in strength) is a very big achievement for me. I feel relaxed, that I got the level and usually go hang around somewhere for a while. The longer time I spend on the level - the more I appreciate it. Don't know about you guys though ;)
  6. Kinda useless, but if you had a account on RSC that you didn't get any exp on, and then logged in on RS2, you'd have 9 hp instead of 10, and your combat level would actually be 2 90% sure about this :P :
  7. Cockroaches! yes, it is very nice! in fact, when you're bored of training/doing whatever you do, it's nice to get a few friends and go kill some cockroaches faster when a group, friends to talk to, small profit at the same time no, it's not a money-maker, but can make you maybe 30-100k an hour (...oh those lovely law runes which come in quantities in up to 30, atleast a while back they were frequent drops, getting maybe around 100 an hour :)) plus, scimitars are frequent drops. but runes really give a lot of money
  8. yeah, I'm goddamn lv 82, unranked in att and def :) So because I wanted to keep att and def low, I have to manually enter the xp in calcs if I want to use it.. anyway, this will ruin my next goal (after 99 str) all f2p stats on highscores >.< overall.. that would be quite nice.. I'd make it 40+ in a skill -> highscores. 2 weeks or more since last login (...they have it already, it says "You were last logged in x days ago from xxx.xxx.xxx"..) and you'd be (temporarily) taken off highscores - this would also make that many people would get ranked on highscores within 1mill. since I bet there's lots of people who quit/aren't playing at the moment who's ranked. and you'd get on asap you log in again :)
  9. Firefox! lol, i was too lazy to D/l ss while it still was illegal... so in 2-3 months i didn't download ss since i was so lazy :shock:
  10. banned for posting above me :roll: oh yes, now you're all banned :twisted:
  11. like 20-50 :lol: 3 "serious": Pure0wner619 Cmp 505 (gave away) Fin Gangsta (keylogged)
  12. i think he's trying to say that jagex makes more money through advertising than members.... i had a idea when i read about something that jagex makes money per click of ad. why not make the game totally free and maybe a click instead every time you play :lol: would be cool
  13. there is no hole, no shop for now, so you can't get new ones, there's only those which are in game already :lol:
  14. banned for hating Yu gi oh, which i hate too though :lol:
  15. banned for liking pokemon it's like the worst anime ever :lol:
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