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  1. Hey im gonna trio arma for my first time Stats:99range :90 def :94mage :70prayer :88 summoning :30s herblore? Setup [http://img844.imageshack.us/i/setupo.jpg/ Inventory: This is the part im most troubled ,if i dont a enchanted excaliber should i bother brining a regular excaliber? Also for trio should i use tort+ uni or just uni and how many brews n so should i have? I have read guides on inventory but i dont know what is most suited for me because i dont have a ee and the equipment i have is differ from the guide Thank you in advance Henry
  2. meh i don't mind attention as long as is good money =) , i think im gonna give cs armadyl a shot .Armadyl seems like a good one to do , anyidea with uni +sara+super restores and 91 def how long a trip ( 3 or 4 man) can last for? Also is a enchanted excaliber a must with my eqipment?
  3. Hi i recently got 88 summoning and did a 4man trip of sara i realised i can last like 3 hours there probs with unicorn stalilion and prayer/super restores drop .I havnt done much gwd although i have the stats to do so i belive. Att:95 Str:99 Def:91 Range:99 Prayer:70 Summoning:88 Magic:94 Herblore:30s? Available equipment and cash: Verac skirt ,torag chestplate,firecape,fury,whip,zgs,80mil,dboots,barrow gloves basically all the essential high level stuff. Now i did a trip 1 hour sara with a team and got a 2mil split from ss and though it was good money and found it quite easy to do ,i feel that i can proberly do armadyl as well ,i've never done armadyl so don't know if is harder or easier in comparison to sara. So i basically want to know which boss i should do that will last long with a uni and is good profit/hour .Any other equipment i'll purchase for if it gets me good money in the long run.
  4. kl because i have left my cat out for like 3 hours on my pure and still hasnt grown yet.
  5. Hey im in the middle of doing most of rfd on my iniate pure,and i need to wait for kitten to grow , wat i was wondering is do you need to do the summoning quest (the one that gets u 4 summoning) to get ur kitten to grow to a cat?
  6. Hey do you think my stats on my main is too balanced to pk? if so is there anything i should change in order to make it pkable with i've got around 50mil for training. Att90 str90 def90 range99 mage83 prayer70 summoning79 Also if my stats are good for pking what weapons or combat styles should i use??
  7. i like the idea of selling my armadyl ,but i have a feeling that dfs is going to crash soon ,any other opinions what i should get with the 38mil that im left with once i sell? Edit : Do you guys think i should sell my armadyl as well as my bss to buy bandos chest n tassets or not?
  8. Hey i'm sort of stuck on what to do ,i recently bought full armadyl because i got 99 range and 90 defence and decided to do armadyl .But after a while i decided that infact i dont want to do it at all , so im wondering what else is armadyl good for except for mage protection at like waterfiends and such. My bank has around 80mil worth in equpiment wise:Bgs,arma chest,arma legs ,whip ,spirit shield,5mil . RIght now im sick of ranging and quite want to do slayer and such,so what do you guys recommend me doing ?Should i sell my armour at this time of period ? and what should i do with the money?
  9. I've finally used up all my steel arrows and bronze knives , now after the shop update is impossible to buy them from ge , I need like 1.5mil xp left to get to 99. Now im stuck i don't want to chin as it was one of my goals to get 99 range without chins ,however i dont want to spend ridculous money on like dragon darts . So help me except from the bone bolts and mith arrows which im using right now, what ammo/bow will give me around 50k/xp a hour?
  10. Hi i was wondering if it's still possible to solo range sara after the room update ,i've never soloed or even teamed it before , i got 97 range and 85 def and 68 summononig . I read up on a guide on the forum but i dont think is updated ,basically i jst want to know is it still possible to solo with range and how many kills roughly will i get?
  11. I've been looking all around all the teams are either pro gear or mass . Mass= barley any profit Pro gear=no team for me . Thank you for all the advice i think I'll probably chin from 98-99 just for the lols and by the time I've gone from 96-98 doing avainses i recon i will have made enough money for some good armadyl gear . Thanx for the suggeestions again
  12. Ehh you get fruit bat scrolls and a friend then goto the duel arena and after use all the specs you collect papayas and you fight your friend and forfeit then you just rinse and repeat:P
  13. Hi i just got 96 range yesterday woot woot ,and made like 6-8mil from avianses . I am now thinking of chinning to 99 which approximately will cost around11-13mil , i have only got 17mil in my bank . Once i got 99 though i though i could makesome money off gwd either doing armadyl or sara . I've tried to get into a armadyl team before i had the right stats but only welfare gear ,so i was wondering should i spend money getting 99 (takes like 20hours) and finding someway to get some good gear to go with a team to armadyl or should chin to 99 and get 70 agility from 55 so i could do sara to make money . Or should i just do avianses till 99 which will take like 100hours? I dont know that much about gwd but i heard that the sara room is smaller and is harder to run around in but is it still possible to solo?
  14. Hey right now,im wondering what would be more money efficeient swapping pouches for shards or selling pouches? I got Gold:238=Barkertoad Crimsons:472=Strangerplant Green:321=ibis Blue:61=spirit grahhk right now im lvl 68 summoning and with charms i would be 71 . so should i swapping pouchs for shards or selling pouches?
  15. kl thanx for the quick answer.Does the dfs get protected when at armadyl?
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