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  1. Hey SUOMI! Thought I would log in one last time to congratulate you on finally reaching 5b xp! Good luck with your future endeavors! -Meister14
  2. suomi.. you have enough planks/logs for 200m construction or are you running low?
  3. Speaking of hackings... has anyone seen a response from chessy018 about her account being hacked?
  4. Bald cap, grow little beard, green pants, greenish-beige shirt. I think I'm ready. ;) This would be epic if majority of the players did this holding a fake hatchet/pickaxe
  5. Can everybody please dress up like a robot for runefest? Maybe that will give Jagex a hint :P
  6. But your sooooo close to 200m slayer suomi! lol
  7. Well i just read the nashville news article about him fighting for the state fair and LOL'ed... I live in nashville and have no idea why anybody thinks that dump should still be around lol... The statefair grounds is in not in the safest part of town either...
  8. lol wtf you talking about? http://gyazo.com/1cb9daed37f4e245c9cf2dd9ee6bee5e Haha my bad... accidently looked at the current top 42 instead of records
  9. So somehow suomi set an all time record for construction xp gained in one day today... Edit... was wrong about record
  10. I will use effigies on Slayer once I have enough for 200M Slayer. Haha I laughed at that too Thai, almost wasted a game tick =P How many more to go? :P
  11. Over the last 30 days .. SUOMI has managed to save 550m gp by not buying frost bones for prayer lol.. (bones have dropped 2k... (2k*274,951=550m)
  12. Which there is nothing wrong with in itself.. However these are not "good" money hungry investors... If they were good investors they would know that meeting the customer needs and wants will increase their profits in the long run... ... These are short-term investors..
  13. They don't benefit at all, that's a silly argument. Gold farmers do not care about exp. And if people are botting for exp then why would they pay more than they have to? We're assuming they're already getting away with botting, and 10% is not a significant boost. False. They also make accounts with high stats that they can sell... Also it will allow them to get higher stats quicker in order to bot frosts and other high level activities.. Third: someone people dont bot for just the gold... as evidenced by that one guy who had like 4 200m stats and get reset.. Lastly.. this will also make it slightly harder to spot botters b/c they can take advantage of the 2x xp to level up some combat levels
  14. It appears that they are trying to milk this game as much has possible before it falls apart
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