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  1. If I had a nickel for every "Runescape is dying" thread I have seen in the past 9 years. .... While there were times when I grew frustrated with the game, it has been an overwhelming positive experience. The joy of building a character and a story is the essence of RPGs and Runescape provides a seemingly infinite sandbox to do so. As someone who played through college, graduate school, and now in my working life, Runescape provides an easy escape that allows me to relax and contemplate less serious but engaging content. In addition, I have met some of my closest friends (some who I have visited in different countries) in this game. Many don't play anymore but we still stay in contact and it is always a joy to see them pop in from time to time. So to all the doomsayers I say this - enjoy yourself. If Runescape doesn't bring you happiness, find another outlet. But for many of us, this game keeps bringing us back for one reason or the other.
  2. Honestly, after much thought, I agree with Jagex. My initial reservations were regarding the historical value of the High Scores. I still like seeing people like Larryr be #5 in RC after more than 6 years of being dormant. Since the people who had achieved 200m in a skill will preserve their ranks if they are to become a member again (as mentioned in the FAQ), the only real gripe is gone. While I don't want to downplay the achievements of active F2P players, I don't really consider them my peers since they choose not to participate in nearly 80% of RS content. They choose not to participate, for whatever reason, so it is not their choice when it comes to being on the High Scores. As members, we invest in BOTH time and money to have a voice in the direction of the game. Jagex made a decision and we must learn to live with it and adjust or just stop playing. The Wilderness and Botting were two issues where MEMBERS played a large role in resolving. How many updates that we thought would bring around the end of RS still affect us on a day to day level.... Just my two cents.
  3. The update hasn't happened yet. I think they will see there is enough opposition to it and change it. Voice your opinion on the forums. Jagex is pretty good at incorporating user feedback.
  4. Nex, hard quest bosses, Dominion Tower....certainly not easy. Sure some places are getting underused but that is to be expected with the sheer volume of content.
  5. The doomsayers have been chirping since I started in 2005. I still love this game and continue to be amazed at the quality of the updates.
  6. Perhaps it is only a label. But many of us had high hopes for the GM class of quest. They were going to be something unique and special. Doing things like this in my eyes, and the eyes of many others, cheapens it. It's just how we feel. its the first update of the year...no matter what jagex did (too easy or two hard), i dont think some people would be happy. some players just complain for the sake of complaining. every update gets the "worst update ever" trolls.... get this t-shirt :)
  7. we had ONE grandmaster quest before...how can you possibly compare?
  8. How are you even having trouble with those stats? :o I really fail at anything boss-related so I basically spam clicked sharks/brews whenever he hit me and still had quite some sups left at the end :unsure: its about timing and getting the inventory just right...i think 25 sara brews and 10-12 restores plenty. i range using diamond (e) and just sip sip sip sara sip restore. all the people complaining here and on rs forums on the difficulty of the boss fight forget why we find quests so enjoyable - the challenge. ive probably spent and lost a few million on the quest...and the reward wont mean much to me...but oh the challenge...it means far more than xp or item rewards. i would be happy if there were no reward at all!
  9. what a glorious quest....died 5 times so far...i think i am about to get inventory just right. this quest is spot on when it comes to difficulty.
  10. Hey, I killed red dragons for mine, and got it after about 20 kills. I also killed about 450 blue dragons for slayer in kuradels tunnels, and got 3 eggs. I did go to blacks first of all, but left after about 50 kills, And i think i killed about 150 green when i was bored a while ago, no egg tho. i guess you could try another dragon type, or just stick at the same one :P its not too bad because i get dbones for 99 pray.....but it feels brutal to kill so many lol
  11. hey folks. i achieved 99 summoning a week back. i have since been trying to get a baby black dragon egg. so far i have kill 730 black dragons without getting a baby black dragon egg. i hear conflicting reports on the rarity of eggs. some people told me they aren't that rare...some people told me it took them 1k+ kills. another theory is that one of the four colors is rare for each player. could others with 99 summoning please tell me their experiences? cheers, rhajiv
  12. Jagex shouldn't cater to transitory players. I would rather they go months without updates for one great one. This game has so much variety that I find it hard for anyone to say that there is no content that they truly enjoy and can have fun playing. If you can't afford P2P, there is plenty to do in F2P. Furthermore, friends are what make this game fun. Update or no update, all your RS friends, some of whom I consider as good or better than my real friends, friends will be online.
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